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News for the Week of October 19

Pinterest Improves Place Pins

Pinterest announced it’s now even easier for users to locate their favorite spots on a map using Pins. New location information will now be added automatically to Pins, which means that nearly 7 billion pins will now have useful details along with them like phone numbers, addresses, and store hours. Along with this update come some additional extras including map previews and nearby places of interest. Currently available on iPhone and iPad, these updates will also be coming soon to Android. Dealerships using Pinterest to share updates with consumers can now ensure they are easily found, and shoppers can find things like showroom hours and their exact map location simply by tapping.

Facebook Sells Via Canvas

Facebook is testing Canvas, a new ad experience that will enable businesses to build their brands and drive sales directly from the News Feed. With Canvas, users will see quick-loading ads that offer a full-screen experience, offering the capability of browsing a number of products before going to a retailer’s website to purchase. For mobile users, a “Buy” button will make purchasing even easier, and users on desktop can click on “Buy” directly in their News Feed without leaving Facebook. Facebook-savvy dealerships will want to keep an eye on Canvas and consider ways you can streamline the ways you reach your customers. Consider ways to make your brand experience seamless and easy with the newest tools that are becoming available.

New LinkedIn Groups Experience

LinkedIn recently announced an updated and enhanced Groups experience, which offers a more valuable experience for users. The updates include higher quality conversations that allow users to add photos and mention other group members, less spam and promotional content, a new iOS app that offer anytime-anywhere access, conversations that are only visible to group members, simplified navigation that makes starting and joining conversations easier, and group suggestions based on your personal profile. The newly updated LinkedIn conversation space has been tailored with professional users in mind and offers plenty of upgrades to make just about everyone happy. Dealerships should plan on spending more time interacting with and starting conversations on LinkedIn as thought leaders in their industry. By creating a space in the professional automotive community, there is plenty of room for growth and engagement.

Upload Videos to Twitter from the Web

Users can now upload videos to Twitter via the web when using their apps for iPhone and Android OS 4.1 and higher. Capabilities include recording, editing, and sharing; and if using the iPhone or iPad app, users are able to import videos from their devices. Just as with viewing photos, only approved followers are able to view user videos, and video posters can delete their videos the same way they delete photos. For dealerships already doing short lot walk-throughs and videos to promote events, get ready to promote your brand by uploading your videos to Twitter to gain an even greater reach.

Facebook Video Updates

Not to be left out of the video update frenzy, Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon by testing its own enhancements to help publishers with flexibility and control when it comes to their online videos. Video watchers can look forward to features like suggested videos which make it easy to discover new content and floating videos which allow users to watch videos while simultaneously doing other tasks on Facebook. Additionally, users can mark videos as “Saved” and return to them at a later time that may be more convenient for viewing. Finally, Facebook is testing a dedicated space that will be solely for users who want to watch videos, which can be accessed by tapping the “Videos” icon on the screen. Publishers can also look forward to updates like new tools for Pages, which include updates to Page insights and video upload improvements. Dealerships should continue to watch for updates and enhancements to Facebook video in the future, as users continue to lean toward video as a primary mode of discovery. Consider new ways of communicating with consumers, like quick interviews or Q&As with techs, finance managers, or used car specialists as a means of connecting with shoppers.

Instagram for Business

Instagram recently introduced Instagram for Business, a way for business professionals around the globe to connect and inspire others. With the worldwide launch of Instagram ads, more businesses will be using Instagram to tell their stories, and it’s fitting to highlight a variety of successes. Focusing on three categories throughout the worldwide business community—brands, small businesses, and creative agencies—Instagram will showcase behind-the-scenes work, tips, and news. They kicked their new blog off by highlighting Ben & Jerry’s and will continue to share the secrets of success to brand leaders across the globe. Because of the importance of storytelling and resonating with today’s consumers, dealerships should pay particular attention to the businesses selected for these highlights. Consider boosting your Instagram presence and sharing fun images that resonate with your consumers.

Tip of the Week—Up Your Game in the Amenities Department to Increase Consumer Satisfaction

Whether it’s online or on the lot, consumers like to feel special, and it’s your job to make that happen. From manicures to hot meals, dealerships around the country are raising the bar when it comes to customer comfort. While you may not be making the leap to offering manicures just yet, there are several ways you can make your customers comfortable while they wait—and they don’t all involve investing a lot of money. Consider some things you can do—both right now and in the long term—to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure shoppers make your dealership their top choice:

Is your waiting area comfortable? Ensure you have plenty of comfortable seating and make sure you have allowed as much space as possible in preparation for your busiest days. Consider offering a variety of seating, like sofas and chairs for families and work tables for professionals who may want to get down to business. Sometimes waiting is inevitable, but no one likes to feel cramped or uncomfortable.

Do you offer refreshments? Forget about stale coffee in a pot. Many dealerships have upgraded to inexpensive ways to for customers to get steaming cups of fresh coffee. Consider investing in a choose-your-own-flavor coffee brewer as a perk for customers. And don’t forget the water and inexpensive snacks; the minimal expense is well worth it in order to keep customers happy and comfortable.

Is there a place for kids? Many dealerships have an area for children to play so parents don’t have to add to their stress level while waiting. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, consider a few tubs of building blocks, coloring books, or other inexpensive toys to help pass the time. Be sure to have a separate waiting area for children and working professionals so everyone can relax and wait in their own way.

How’s your wifi? Most of your customers will find being connected one of the most important amenities you can offer. Be sure to offer wifi and let customers know the login so they can easily connect while they wait.

Have you upgraded your screens? Investing in new TVs and ensuring you have plenty of options for channel surfing can work wonders for customers who are waiting. If you can offer a variety of feeds, you’ll be able to keep business people happy and still keep cartoons running to entertain the kids.

You customers will notice every extra effort you put in to add to their comfort while in the dealership—and your efforts won’t go unrewarded. Not only will happy customers be more likely to return to your dealership, but they’ll also be more likely to share their experiences with friends and acquaintances, boosting your dealership’s reach throughout the community.

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