Some Smart Dealers Say the Darndest Things by Richard Keeney

First, I’ll preface by saying I have great admiration for managers, upper management and dealers.  They are usually very intelligent, courageous, and have worked hard all of their lives.  They are usually great stewards of the money and got where they are making a lot more good decisions than bad.  Read further and see the part I don’t get:

Ok, so I get a call from a manager who has recently taken on much more responsibility and he knows that the lack of training is killing them at a few locations.  They have used our professional online automotive sales training platform, eAutotraining for over ten years, so there is a nice level of trust and confidence.  Who else should they call, right?


After explaining that they had many Salespeople on the sales floor who have never had any concentrated classroom training, even on the foundational Road to the Sale, his frustration was quite apparent.


I can only imagine the pain at the sales desk working deals or hearing why another customer blew out during negotiations, or the many who didn’t drive a vehicle or even make it inside the building.

I sent a reasonable quote for a few days of in-dealership training which would have at least 10 Salespeople in the room receiving the critical steps to the sale training.  I get the dealer’s response, who declined the proposal and counter-offered a number for two days that I found to be a bit humorous…(I chose to not be offended).  This dealer failed to realize...


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