Heading into the New Year, even the speed of speed seems to be picking up speed.

Commercials compress. Attention spans shorten. Faster is better. Learn it quickly. Make the adjustment. Get to where you are going sooner.


Significant business strides will be made with Over The Top (OTT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Reality (AR) and Digital Retailing (DR) this year.


Some might call them keys to success, but at the same time, many others won’t define or gather the critical mass to command the concepts. When you’re responsible, how then do you orchestrate the human elements required to operationally implement them?


We want the waiter to help guide us through our entire alphabet soup of confusion.


This we know though--we want to eat the soup while it’s hot. Knowing that “now” matters in a society that so values speed. If the page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, consumers leave. Same for you. IDK (I Don’t Know)  turns into a search, and if not delivered, it’s so BRB (Be Right Back). Get going. Seriously. Now. Fail. Fast. It’s BLTN (Better Late Than Never), but it better be quick, too.


Not unlike the Doctor that needs something now, we reach out and shout “Stat!” True to its own definition, “Stats” are a shortcut, too. “Stat” comes from the longer Latin word statum and means immediately. In a world of Big Data, we need the “Stats” to get us to where we’re headed.


ROI matters, “Stat.” What are your sales metrics, “Stat?” Appointments, Shows, Turn Ratios, Gross Profits? “Stat!” Do you have a game plan for Digital Retailing?


Find one soon, for whatever you do, you’re going to need to do it “Stat”!

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