Strategies to Drive More Service Visits and Profits | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 2

In the second episode of this sixth season, Host Dane Saville is joined by Shawn Armorer to discuss methods to maximize the efficiency of your fixed operations with the right processes for hiring, lead management, leadership, and much more. It's an hour-long dive that feels more like a webinar and less like a single episode of the KPI Cafe!

— Topics Covered ——

Strategies to Close More Appointments from Fixed Ops Leads (2:47)

Responding to Chat vs. Text vs. Phone Call vs. Form Submission (5:57)

Staffing a BDC Built for Managing Both Variable and Fixed Ops (8:08)

BDC's Role with Service Customer Follow Up (17:40)

Additional Ways a BDC Can Develop Repeat Service Customers (22:57)

Effective Word Tracks for Service Customers (22:35)

Emphasize Customer Service in the Service Lanes / Customer Flow and Make Money Along the Way (31:55)

The Role of Mindset for Advancing in Service (40:45)

Leadership vs. Management in Fixed Ops (42:20)

Small Steps Dealers Can Take Today to Create Repeat Customers from Fixed Ops (45:36)

How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Fixed Operations? (55:05)

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