In our video series, Advertising for Success, we’ve been taking steps to boost your network in a 60 day challenge we started in the last week of 2021. If you’ve been following along with us and implementing our suggestions into your process, you can see that your social network has grown quite a bit already. You should have a lot more friends and engagement on your page than you did 30 days ago. We’re only halfway through the challenge, and we are so excited to tell you that the growth only happens faster from here. 

The opportunity to widen your audience is literally at your fingertips. You’ve got to be consistent, and establish a routine in doing a few small things every day. Last week, we walked you through the five pillars of high achievement so that you could take a better look at your authentic self. This week, we’re going to put that information to work. I invite you to watch this week’s video to continue your expansion with us right now.

Being part of your community means more than it used to. You’ve got to put yourself out there in real life AND on social media. Engage your tree, keep showing up, and watch it all grow. Let’s see how big that orchard really is! 

Did you keep your work from last week? We’re going to be using that for the rest of this challenge to show your authentic self to your community. By letting people see who you are and being yourself, we’re going to show you ways to bring enormous value to your friends and community. By the end of this challenge, everyone in your community will have heard your name. 

In case you missed it, let’s get you up to speed and begin with clarity…

Who am I at my best? That’s the question. To make sure you’re showing them your truest self, we suggest you write down who exactly that is. Aren’t you helpful, sincere, and kind? Don’t you want them to see that you are caring, intentional, and attentive to their needs? Write yourself a reminder of who you mean to be for your customers.


I Am _______________________________________


I Am _______________________________________


I Am _______________________________________


I Am _______________________________________


Now we’re going to take those words you used about yourself, and start to show the world how good you are. Pick one person who lives in your area for each of your adjectives, and be it for them. Did you say that you are sincere? Write a sincere post to a friend. Tell them how much they mean to you, and show them your sincere appreciation for who they are in your life. Did you say that you are helpful? Thank a business in your area for being helpful to you. Tag them, and let them know you noticed how much they care. 

This week, I challenge you to compliment, thank, and appreciate four of your friends, neighbors, or local businesses. Use your adjectives. They’ll point you in the right direction, and help you to be that authentic version of yourself that we’re trying to show people.

Remember, this is not about selling a vehicle. It is just to connect you with more people who live in your area, and to show them that you’re a real person. That’s all. It should feel very easy to do. Just thank four people this week. If all four of those people have 20 friends who see it, 80 more people have seen your face, read your name, and felt the sincerity in your post. 

Share one of your posts with us here and on Auto Training Academy’s Facebook page so we can all celebrate your progress together!

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