Team Toyota Auto Group Shares Credit For Their Recent Success With Driving Loyalty, LLC

Cedar Falls, IA, August 18, 2014; Team Toyota was featured in the cover story of the June 2014 Edition of AutoSuccess Magazine titled, “Winning The Loyalty Game! The Retention Strategy That Added $3 Million To Team Toyota’s Bottom Line.” 

Paul Muller’s Team Toyota Auto Group includes Team Toyota Princeton, Team Toyota Langhorne and Team Toyota Glen Mills.  All three of these highly respected operations have collectively received 70 Toyota Excellence Awards for outstanding performance in sales, service, parts and customer relations and they all credit Driving Loyalty for contributing to their shared success.

Kevin Stroble, The GM of Team Toyota, confirmed his support of Driving Loyalty and their comprehensive customer loyalty program, “All three of our stores use the same partner to automate loyalty-related marketing activities because they give us the flexibility to experiment with our bricks and mortar processes without sacrificing the quality or consistency of the marketing going out to our customers.  This is important because it means that our results don’t dry up when we have turnover or someone has an off month.  We set our parameters and profit requirements and they take care of all of the behind-the-scenes activities.  Kevin credits his dealership’s recent success on a simple formula, “The key to our success was eliminating points of failure.  We focused on doing what we do well and automated the things our people didn’t do or didn’t do well.”

Scott Davis, the President and Founder of Driving Loyalty, explained the unique value added services that his solution contributed to Team Toyota, “The heart of the Driving Loyalty marketing platform is “The Undeniable Offer.”  We deliver these undeniable offers every month to qualifying customers that are designed to educate the customer as well as encourage them to engage with the dealership.  Every statement compares the customer’s current vehicle against a newer vehicle with little or no money down.  Giving customers real payment options on real vehicles increases engagement because it creates questions that only the dealership can answer.  The customer feels like they are making an educated decision and the dealership gets to earn the customer’s business while earning a reasonable profit.  It’s a great win-win.”

In addition to providing retention related marketing campaigns Driving Loyalty provides Team Toyota with real-time dashboards and closing tools to keep everyone on the same page when the customer visits the dealership.  All marketing activities to the customer are easily accessed along with advance notice of any planned customer visits for sales or service.  This link between sales and service has proven to be an invaluable tool that has greatly enhanced profitability for Team Toyota in both sales and fixed operations.

About Driving Loyalty, LLC:  Driving Loyalty has been operating out of their facilities in Cedar Falls, Iowa since. 2003.  They started as a family owned operation but several industry savvy investor partners have joined the company supporting their expansion and shift to the more comprehensive solution they currently provide.  Their automated database marketing platform is powered by proprietary software and algorithms that have proven successful for over 200 auto dealers.  Driving Loyalty has been selected as “One of The Top Ten Companies To Watch” by AutoSuccess magazine for three years in a row. 


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