The automobile has often been thought of as a machine full of mechanical parts and systems that all work together to propel you from one place to another. In the past we were buying more car than computer, today computers are everywhere. Cars are filled with computers controlling multiple systems at the same time and constantly collecting data. All this data is extremely useful and in the hands of the consumer can be very beneficial.

Integrating your car to your other technologies will soon become the automotive forefront.

The car is changing, no longer will it be thought of as simply a method of transportation. It will now be another device that connects to our lives, just like our phones and tablets. Our mobile devices contain some of our most personal information and now so will our vehicles.

Just as your Facebook account stores all your information and learns your “lifestyle” so too will your vehicle. In the future your car will be constantly collecting personalized data from driving habits, to frequent destinations even music choices. Your car will then process this information to create a unique user profile and experience. This data will then be used to make suggestions based on your profile to help you explore new things and find consistent trends in your lifestyle.

The automobile will become its own mobile platform.

Current trends foresee a world where all mobile devices will be linked together. Your smart phone, tablet and vehicle will all interact simultaneously with one another to create a mobile coexistence like we have never seen before.

The “freedom” associated with driving is also changing. In the past the automobile represented the ability to do what you wanted when you wanted, and be basically unwatched. Today freedom is represented through our phones. Connecting online has become the new dominant form of interaction. People enjoy divulging their life onto social platforms from checking into that great restaurant on Main Street, to Instagramming their recent trip to Morocco.

Vehicles will now become another device in which people can share their experiences and connect creating a whole new aspect for the auto industry to explore.

The information highway is about to explore new ground on the actual highway.

Innovative mobile apps will take lead with this new connectivity between vehicle and consumer. Mobile applications like Dash will wirelessly connect your vehicle to your mobile device and create a unique shareable driving experience like never before.

Information will be interweaved from your vehicle to your smart phone where it then can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Diagnostic software will make sure your automobile is in top operating order and monitor all the in-car systems. If something does go wrong, you will be provided with information to help you or your dealer solve the problem.

Social interaction will also be a huge aspect of in-car apps. Giving apps a gamification aspect will turn your next road trip into a social adventure in which users can compete, compare and share their driving experience. Leader boards, badges and promotions will all be utilized to help users document and be rewarded for their efforts. It will be interesting to see how the different automakers tackle this upcoming trend individually, while some are already ahead of the competition.

Audi has realized this consumer-car interaction and has began implementing augmented reality into its vehicles. Audi recently replaced some of its owner’s manuals with augmented reality apps. The app increases ease of use and can even go as far as tell you how to fix a problem. Ex. If your coolant is low, you can just point your device at the engine and it will show you exactly where and how to fill it back up. Did I also mention it is simply awesome to look at? Augmented reality is just another representation that our mobile devices will coexist with our vehicles on levels not even discovered yet.

With 75% of the world now owning a mobile phone, mobile connectivity will continue to grow. Our cars like our phones will soon become extremely personal customized devices that are the technological representation of ourselves.

By: Josh Knutson


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