The Benefits Of Having An BDC At Your Dealership

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Comment by steven chessin on January 28, 2016 at 10:31pm

Excellent results - let me add why this was successful.     

You called this a BDC department of 2 girls ... but did not count Lee - their dept manager. Or maybe his title is director. HE is over-seeing their activities and assisting them to be successful. He is their closer.

Salesmen do not go to managers for assistance closing appointments because their managers are busy closing deals.Showroom managers never want to have anything to do with phone prospects. They are out-of-sight.

Remember  --- sales guys are sight hounds not scent hounds. If a customer is an hour or a month away that is when they want to know about them. They live in the NOW. So when business is slow salesmen have to be ordered to do what bdc reps regularly do as their usual job. If things work properly bdc provides enough floor traffic for salesmen to stay busy in the present. -- And all is well  in the kingdom. 

Executive management of this bdc team is why it works. I am surprised by how many stores THINK they have it covered  when they don't have a LEADER !  So   .... let's give them an A+ for BDC 1.0,

Now what ?  What about bdc 2.0 and bdc 3.0 ?  

My suggestion would be to hire 2 apprentice reps that spend time with both reps and the dept leader to be exposed to their different styles. Let them handle easy leads. The senior reps will lose pay from appointments their assistants make so don't forget to pay them a few hundred per week for training their assistants. ( possibly someday replacements )  By the end of a month you have 4 reps and some necessary depth. Every team needs some bench. At this point with 4 reps I would begin bdc 2.0.

This will involve increasing leads from more sources. Increasing leads is another subject - but begin with lease maturity - equity mining -- service customers that might be good candidates --- a family and friends referral promotion. Etc. As they say in Casablanca :

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