Many businesses struggle with confessing they need improvement. Why is that such a bad thing to admit? The truth is, it’s not bad at all. 


Acknowledging there’s room for improvement is a skill not many possess. This is by no means a weakness; it is most certainly a strength in your repertoire. This skill allows your business to be one step ahead, so why not start looking at it in a way that will help you and your team in the long run? 


You know there’s room for improvement, now what?


Improvement isn’t always immediate and drastic, especially in the sales industry. The most difficult part is knowing where and how to make corrections. It can take ages for the untrained eye to spot opportunities, weaknesses, and threats in your business that demand attention. Luckily, this is where a trusted vendor partner can assist, focus, and address. 


At Phone Ninjas, we offer results-oriented certifications. This ensures your team receives the necessary framework for continued growth and success. It’s relevant and situation-specific, allowing us to focus on the areas that need the most work. Our coaches can pick out the most overlooked flaws, improving a team from the inside out. 


Active Coaching 


Active coaching is one way we accomplish this. Active Coaching is performed through monitoring, scoring, and reporting on actual customer interactions. This helps your team enhance specific skills in areas that are not scoring well. Ongoing coaching fosters continuous growth, with appointments set, appointments shown, and appointments sold, thus having a direct impact on your bottom line.


This form of coaching also drives the right kind of traffic to your showroom. If you’re selling apples, you don’t want people coming in who only want oranges. It doesn’t make sense for either party. Our method will help you gain the right audience without compromising the number of genuine opportunities. 


Motivation is Key


Admitting your team would benefit from ongoing coaching may seem daunting initially, but making this a positive experience is easy. It’s always the “right time” for improvement, and everyone knows it. That’s why we make the opportunities for personal development fun and exciting.


In addition to our active coaching, we also provide regular performance evaluations. These allow us to continue to help coach effectively but also supply a benchmark for how your team has improved and where. It’s a mutually beneficial process, but it becomes even more appealing with our Perfect Score Contest. It’s critical to reward excellence! 


This contest allows your team to have five opportunities each year to win a trip to Hawaii! This serves as an extra motivator for your team to improve and perform at their very best! Active coaching will deliver a superior customer experience on top of a better paycheck. A trip to Hawaii makes it fun as well as competitive! Much like admitting a need for improvement is a strength, motivation shouldn’t come from a place of distress. When transforming experiences into favorable memories is this easy it’s hard to say no!

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