The Secret To Handling A Customer That Says “No!”

People generally don’t like hearing the word “no”.
“Is there any milk left in the fridge?” “No.”
  “Have you made these copies for me yet?” “No.”
  “I can see you really like this car.  Should we go into my office and get the paperwork started?” “No.”

Handling rejection in sales

A "no" can be a "yes" down the road.

The third exchange above is a “no” scenario that even the best car sales people in the industry will face in their careers.  One thing that separates the good from the great salespeople is knowing how to handle rejection.
  If you’ve done your job with your sales demonstration correctly, a customer saying “no” isn’t about you, necessarily.  It either means “I’m not going to buy” or “I’m not going  to buy yet”.
Notice anything about those two phrases?  There’s no “you” in either statement.  So stop sulking and keep your memory short.  Focus on improving your selling skills and move on. 
  When a prospect is saying ‘no’, they are essentially telling you, “The information that has been presented to me wasn’t enough for me to say ‘yes’ (yet).” They may want you to tell them more (maybe not on the same day), get them more excited or provide them more logic as to why they should be sitting in this car – and then ask them later. 
  The top salespeople in the world know that many sales are made after the first, second, third or even fourth sale proposition – after they've successfully executed handling rejection.
  They also understand, or have the mindset that “no” is a non-result.  That is, it’s neither good nor bad.
  They know that “no” is a just a step towards hearing a “yes” down the road.

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