We’re back with Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. In our video series, we’ve been hearing from Ali Reda about marketing your business. It’s our goal at Auto Training Academy to give you the tools you need to find great success in this business, and believe me… we’re not even close to the end of our list of suggestions!

We’ve been spending our time for the last few weeks discussing marketing to businesses in your community, and how to go straight to the top and get an endorsement for you in every employees’ hands. By now, you’ve probably gone into one or two places where you know the boss and implemented our suggestions. Great job! 

So, where else should you go?

  • Grocery Stores
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Local Restaurants
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Mortgage Companies 

Just stop in, and say hi. I invite you to watch this week’s video and allow us to tell you even more that you can do for them. It’s a benefit for them to know you! Make sure you give as many people the opportunity to see that as you can. 

Consistency, my friends! You met the boss a couple of weeks ago, worked out a perks plan for their employees, and made some flyers exclusive to them, right? Then you went over there to screw in Sally’s license plate and tell her how much you enjoyed your time with her. One morning, you brought doughnuts by just to let them know how glad you are to be able to serve them. What’s next? Bring a car by for them to look at. Leave the keys and a phone number. Motivate their salespeople to get the vehicle that feels good for them. Show them something new and exciting! Remember, you’re saying to the bossman, “How do we better serve your employees?” Make it his idea again. Get him super pumped about it, and he may do the work for you from here. 

The question is not, “How can I sell more cars?”

Get soliciting business out of your mind. 

Just go market yourself and your business FOR THEM.

-Ali Reda

How can I help them look better? How do I better serve these employees? How do I go in with them in mind? How do I deliver them the best thing? Make it about them. Talk to the right people and be consistent with them so you can be successful. Don’t give up. It’ll happen, and when the dam breaks there will be so many people. So many who know who you are, and want what you have to offer.

We want to help you find this kind of success! We want to help build up that dam for you, so it breaks even sooner. You see, this is YOUR business. It’s your market, your career, your name, and your people. We want to get you to your next level, and this week we’re opening up a very special offer JUST FOR YOU. Want to work exclusively with me and Ali Reda? Click here to join us in the trial to see what we’re all about - 14 days for only $1!

In the comments below, tell us “Are you ready to get to your next level?”

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