We started this series as a jumping off point. If you are brand new to the business, we’ve given you a lot to implement. If you have been doing this for a while and you just need a reset, Begin Again was made for you. 

In our video series, we’ve walked you through Auto Training Academy’s tools for success in business, in marketing, and in life. Here are some of the suggestions for growth we’ve touched on along the way…

  • Get good at being you.
    You are incredible, and we want you to walk into every day knowing that.
  • Condense your process.
    With our 3-step sales process, your business will be simplified.
  • Give information that offers value.
    Offer them the answers to their problems, and the possibilities will be endless.
  • Communication is key.
    Notice the people who are often overlooked, say hi to everyone, and start expanding your market with your newsletter and social media.

We invite you once more to watch this last video in our series, Begin Again

It’s impossible to learn the car business as quickly as they’d like us to. We have to be prepared to ask ourselves questions to get our own picture and make this business work for each of us, individually. How do I get this to work for me? How do I make this feel right? The advantage of doing business this way is that you get to be yourself. You get to live in your values. 

Cultivate a business that really is your own. It has to fit who you are. You have to know where you’re going and why so that you can remember what all this hard work is for. Life becomes simpler when you’re just taking care of your friends. Consistency is critical to this career. Don’t quit. Figure out how to get your business to be 50% relationship/transactional. 

You know about Carlos, right? He’s been working with Ali for over 2 years now. He’s never taken an up, and he’s been 100% relationship since he started. Already he’s averaging ___ cars a month. Ali started working with him to show that it is possible to succeed in this business with the right tools, and it worked! You can do it too.

Continually touch the three roots - your community of friends, social media, and all of your dealership contacts. How do you support each of your roots? How do you bring value to them? What else could you do? Who else could you go see? Where else might you connect? Why do they need you? When is it best for you to reach out? Figure out how to grow your roots. Ask questions to keep your business thriving, and allow yourself to have a career that requires no dealer driven opportunities. The more you are connected with them, the more they’ll feel connected to you.

The proof of concept is: It’s more about relationships than the ability to sell or close. I need you to get this, let it really sink in, and allow it to change your life!

  • When you’re 100% transactional sales, you’re going to close 20% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 8-12 of those making $400 per unit. So, in a transactional sales model, you’ll make no more than $5,000/ month
  • When you’re selling to both transactional and relationship customers, you’re going to close 35-60% of the people you talk to. So if you talk to 60 people, you sell 18-45 of those at $400 per unit. So, in this sales model, you’ll make $7,000 - $12,000/ month
  • When you’re 100% relationship sales, you’re going to close 80-90% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 50-55 of those making $500 per unit. So in a relationship sales model, you’re making $25,000/ month

Do you get it!?!

This business is supposed to be about helping people, and we’ve seen that come to full fruition with Carlos. It’s not about drowning, or scrambling, or being wrought with anxiety to get the next deal. It’s about educating and truly helping your community fulfill their needs. What Ali and Carlos have proven is an industry changer. That’s what we hoped for, and it turns out we weren’t just lucky. We were right. This will work!

For more tips and suggestions from me and Ali Reda, join us in the 100 Cars Club. We’ll give you the tools you need to start your transition, and get you to your next level. 

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