Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with our newest video series, Begin Again! For the last several weeks we’ve been walking you through our suggestions for starting out or starting over to grow your business successfully. Now that you know who you are, what to do, and where to look for more clients, let’s talk about communication. 

You have an opportunity with every person to be authentic and real. 

Of course we all know this is not how we are taught to interact in this industry. We are handed a million ways to put up walls, but what we should really be doing is taking them down, allowing people in, and letting them see us for who we are. 

I invite you to watch this week’s video to find out more about how to be totally transparent with your customers right now.

As you know, the salesperson title holds a less than favorable image. It’s time for us to change that. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We need to be more loving, more caring, and we need our customers to feel that energy from us. Our mission is to solve their problems, and right now, there are many.

To communicate better with our tribe, we need to start talking about our issues with inventory. We need to explain what’s going on in real time because we know what’s happening, and they don’t. Any knowledge you are willing to share will offer you a competitive advantage right now. 

You want to offer information and value to your community, don’t you? Right now, Carvana is the only source that’s telling people what’s going on with these cars. You are no longer in competition with other salespeople. It’s us against the machine, and the machine is winning. The machine is telling them what we are not. Why? 

You should be the source for everyone you know. Be the person who addresses their curiosity. Be someone who squashes their doubt, and helps them. That’s all any of us want to do is help people, right? 

Add value to your newsletter, and become a trustworthy member of your community just by telling people what’s going on in our industry. If you aren’t already sending out communications to your network, start immediately. Sending out a monthly newsletter to your contacts will help you:
  • Stay in touch.Whether or not they bought a car, it is still important to keep communications open with them. This is a great way to do that without pushing for a sale.
  • Stay top of mind. Even if they haven’t needed a new car for several years, putting yourself in their inbox to say hi is a great reminder that you’re always there if they need you.
  • Build and maintain trust.
Providing content that offers value, authenticity, and community support will always pay off.

  • Develop a lifelong relationship.
This is what it’s all about, folks! Keep lines of communication open with a newsletter. It’s that easy.

Take a look at Auto Training Academy's Newsletter Strategy for tips on getting started. We want to help in any way we can. Reach out to us in the comments with any questions you have so far!

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