Tips & Tricks on Becoming a Power Seller on eBay Motors

Tips & Tricks to Power Selling on eBay Motors

Would you pay $80 to get a targeted audience of generally between 200 to over 1000 potential qualified clients to view one specific vehicle in just 10 days? The often overlooked eBay motors is the tool that will accomplish this but it will take hard work and an out of the box follow-up processes to close deals with eBay clients. You cannot just list a vehicle and expect to do nothing and it will sell. My personal experience has shown me that over 90% of all vehicles listed on eBay Motors sell prior to the end of the auction.


I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to becoming an eBay Motors Power Selling success.

1. First, think of eBay just as you would and The only difference is with the right eBay sales and follow-up process you will get a much greater return on your investment.

2. Now understand that every vehicle has an achievable eBay margin and every vehicle will sell on eBay if you work at it. Do your homework and look at current listing and closed listing to help you with a Buy-It-Now price. Our history on eBay sales created average front end grosses of just over $2200. Do not expect to use your appraisal tool here...Good old fashion research is the key because you are selling nationwide not just a 50 or 100 mile radius.

3. I always suggest running a 10 day auction. The 10 day auction cost a few bucks more but they allow you more opportunity to get more views and leads.

4. Now here is a simple way to list your entire inventory on eBay without affecting you advertising budget one dollar. Generally, a ten day auction with a reserve and a buy it now will cost around eighty bucks. Take the eighty dollar listing fee and apply it to the cost of the vehicle. Simple as that…Let the client pay for the listing and leave your advertising budget intact and unaffected.

5. Now when it comes to the listing…Your subject line is the only searchable part of your eBay listing on eBay and Google. So here is an example of how I would list a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ 4x4 with 44k miles and a sunroof.

Subject line: 2009 Chevy Chevrolet GMC Tahoe Yukon LTZ SLT 4x4 4wd AWD Leather Moonroof Sunroof Low Miles 44k Miles

6. Now comes the price….Always start the auction off at $500 and make your reserve $50 less than your buy it now.


Starting bid: $500

Reserve: $34,437

Buy It Now: $34,487

“I have always suggested a NO HASSLE PRICE on all eBay vehicles” Who Wins negotiating over the phone or internet? No One!! So No Hassle will save you the Hassles.

7. Pictures: Always have a minimum of 30 pictures. Every third picture place a Why Buy From Use Slide. I have placed an example below. Make sure that you take pictures of any flaws that the vehicle may have. This will gain you creditability and save you some headache down the road with the client.

8. Leads: Here is where I work way outside the normal. Every bid that is placed offers you the dealer the opportunity to not only email but to call and follow up. I have had many dealers say this guy only made a $500 bid on this 35k vehicle I’m not going to waste my time with this guy. Unfortunately, you really do not know what the opening bid truly is until the vehicle gets a second bid. What looks like a $500 bid may in fact be a $30K bid!! So contact every lead every time!!

When a bid is placed you will receive the bidders name address, email address and phone number. HERE is my secret to getting a better response on ANY internet lead not only eBay. Copy the client’s phone number. Then go to and do a reverse directory search. Once the search is completed white pages will tell you if it is a mobile phone or a home phone. If it’s a mobile phone JACKPOT!! Here is what you do. Go to the vehicle of interest and take a picture of it with your phone. Then send a picture message via text with a comment like this.

Text this along with a picture of the vehicle:

Thank you for your Bid on the 2009 Tahoe. My name is Shawn Clos and am your personal eBay consultant here at ABC Motors. Please make a note this is my personal cell phone number should you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time. I have just one quick question…Will you be trading anything on this Tahoe? I only ask because we are one of eBay’s largest vehicle retailers and my manager is paying crazy money for eBay trades right now. Thank you ------ Have a wonderful day.

Eight out of 10 times you will receive a message back within seconds when replying to a lead via text messaging. By asking a question about a possible trade this allows you to start with a simple interview type process.

Use this example on ALL of your internet leads and you will be shocked at how well you will do.

9. Here is a full example of how I would suggest listing your vehicles. Please note the different colors and fonts….Full Warranty Description, Great Pictures, Why Other eBay Dealers hate “this dealer”.

2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ....44, 309 MILES!!! YES, you did read that right 44,309 miles! This Tahoe is literally like new, just THOUSANDS of dollars less. Perfect condition inside and out is all I can say. The "White Diamond" exterior is simply beautiful. The trim is Full out ready to work and haul the family around town. With our NO CHARGE NATIONWIDE LIFETIME POWERTRAIN  WARRANTY, you won't find a better value. Call me today to schedule a test drive, this one won't last long!

Our BUY IT NOW NO HASSLE pricing is based on extensive market research nationwide and reflects a DIRECT to consumer discount that is often at or below dealer wholesale auction value. We are often willing to sell at or below wholesale to earn YOUR business and hope you will in turn "spread the word" about the amazing deal you got at This Dealership. With that being said check out this low NO HASSLE price:



Finance Rates as low as 3.99

Bad Credit? No Problem Everyone Gets Approved with our People Come First Credit Process!!

Call Me Direct: John Doe

EBay Sales Specialist

(419) 555-5555

I know that we have covered a lot in this article and being a Great eBay Motors dealer can be pretty complex but the rewards are great!! If you have any questions feel free to message me here on this site or email me at: Your success is my success.

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