Congratulations, my friends! You’ve stayed with us, and finished the challenge. We’ve given you so many tools to boost your network, and expand your circle. Did you do the work? Have you seen a difference? You’ve made new friends, connected with people in your neighborhood, and have made your presence known as an advocate for your community.

You’ve been engaging in new ways, and we are so proud of all the work you’ve done! Now that you are using your social platforms to support local businesses and friends, we want you to continue creating value that they can see. I invite you to watch this last video in our series, Advertising for Success.

So, there you have it folks!
The social media world is part of your community. Be there, be supportive and helpful and generous. Be real. Be yourself. Be authentic. Be comfortable with what you’re doing in every aspect of your business and your life. If it’s out of integrity with who you are, DO NOT DO IT. In the video, I mentioned that I’m not comfortable in facebook live, but I like clubhouse. Be where you’re comfortable, where you can be your authentic self.

“Bring so much value that they see value in you.”

The business of this business is people, and the key to massive success is to not just build the relationship and sell a car. The key to massive success is to build and maintain relationships for life. It’s more about relationships than the ability to sell or close. I need you to get this, let it really sink in, and allow it to change your life!

  • When you’re 100% transactional sales, you’re going to close 20% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 8-12 of those making $400 per unit. So, in a transactional sales model, you’ll make no more than $5,000/ month.
  • When you’re selling to both transactional and relationship customers, you’re going to close 35-60% of the people you talk to. So if you talk to 60 people, you sell 18-45 of those at $400 per unit. So, in this sales model, you’ll make $7,000 - $12,000/ month.
  • When you’re 100% relationship sales, you’re going to close 80-90% of the people you talk to. That means if you talk to 60 people, you’ll sell 50-55 of those making $500 per unit. So in a relationship sales model, you’re making $25,000/ month.

Do you get it!?!
This business is supposed to be about helping people, and making connections that last forever.

In our challenge, you were able to make new friends every day, you joined some groups, you’ve been interacting in new ways, and you started your newsletter. You’ve been posting about local businesses and friends in support of them, and you are already becoming a voice of advocacy in your community. Implement what worked for you, and do it on a weekly basis to keep growing your network in a way that feels easy and doesn’t take up too much time. Don’t get lost in the rabbit h***. Just get in there, do what you mean to, and get out.

We’ve walked you through the five pillars in this series. Be who you are at your best and make sure the social platform you use allows your intentionality and authentic energy to shine. Be consistent. Don’t change who you are. Live in your values, and you’ll bring people value. All this is just to build relationships. Make sure you keep those lists somewhere close to your desk so that you remember to live as your best self every day.

Make sure you’re reaching out in more ways than just social media! Do everything we’ve been doing and do it consistently. If you have questions, please reach out to me anytime. I want to help you find massive success in this business. Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn for daily inspiration and tips on how to improve and grow with us.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate you being here!

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