We want you to be profitable and proud of what you do. We want you to have all the success that you deserve. We want you to know that it’s possible for you! That’s exactly why we started the video series, Quality of Life. We all needed to know more when Ali Reda broke that second record in December of 2018. So we’ve taken a look at his process, his team, his pillars, and his mindset through it all. We’ve gotten to hear his advice, his motivation, and his goals. He’s walked us through every step of his journey, and granted all of us access to his secrets. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we hope that you’ve been able to take away some great new tips to build your own success.  Remember: It’s not just about what you’re connected to. It’s about incorporating who you care about. Add in your time with family - bring them to those events you’ve started to attend. Show up and be yourself. Be dynamic. Make sure they can all see you shine!  I invite you to watch this last video in our Quality of Life series to see… it’s all about your company!

Frank sure is an incredible friend to me and Ali. Be sure to surround yourself with people you love - people who build you up and make you an even better presence than you already are.  We are not bound by any limitations. All we need is focus, purpose, love, and a nurturing spirit. Find people who bring some fire into your life, and immerse yourself in the goodness that they offer to who you are. Give yourself the gift of friends, mentors, and teammates that remind you of who you are, and how wonderful that is! Got your list? Do this for yourself. Every week, choose a word for the week to practice. Be aware of how laser-focused you are, and pay attention to where you can improve. Can you see parts of your day where you might not have fully exercised this value? Remember the moments that needed more of it.  Quality of Life is a mindset and goal, and it is achievable for you! You deserve the life you want. You deserve to have a business that works for you and your family. You deserve to know that your time is valuable. You deserve the life of your dreams! Got a question for us? Just ask us in the comments below. We want to help.  Want exclusive access to us all the time? Join us in the 100 Cars Club, and let’s get you to that next level you’ve been striving for!

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