What Do Consumers Think About Service Customer Pick-up & Delivery?

The consumer is the life-blood of any business, and franchise auto dealers must implement consumer centric solutions that will encourage consumers to conduct business with your dealership(s).

As you read a few of the customer quotes below, it's important to note that consumers are conducting business with dealers that are geographically located further away, and dealers that are located closer to the consumer aren't winning their business. Why? Dealers that provide Service Customer Pick-up & Delivery are winning the consumer's business based upon improving the customer experience. Make it convenient for the customer and you'll win that customer.

"Chadwick was great. The service is amazing and I'm so happy it was available. It makes it easy to do business with Weatherford which is not necessarily our closest/easiest to get to BMW dealership"

"It's a good service to add for free to encourage people to use Weatherford. Otherwise would just go to SF BMW service center since it's easier to get to driving myself"

"This service makes it very convenient for my vehicle to be serviced at whichever time that BMW is available to provide service. Were I required to deliver my own vehicle, I would be more troubled to find a service time that was convenient for me as well"

"I love the service, it encourages me to stay with BMW vehicles. It allows BMW to stand apart from some of the other brand cars by offering this"

These are just a few of the thousands of customer comments regarding Service Customer Pick-up & Delivery Valet. Are you ready to start winning your lost UIO and conquest customers back today?

Ken Hite is Senior Vice President at RedCap. RedCap's technology and drivers are utilized by OEMs and dealers for Service Customer Pick-up and Delivery, as well as Consumer Test Drives. Ken has 25 years experience within the automotive industry, inclusive of retail, OEM, after-market and start-ups. The auto industry must learn to exceed customer expectations and implement business processes based upon customer convenience.

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Comment by steven chessin on January 2, 2017 at 9:02pm

Kyle  - Wow ... let me comment on this ! 

My dad was a doctor. He loved his full-size Chrysler "Letter Cars" and bought a new one every year. Always from the same salesman. He did not shop --- or haggle  --- or finance. He also never took his car for service ! His salesman brought a loaner to the driveway - picked-up his car  - and a couple days later his car was back and showroom clean and filled-up and ready to go. It always had the Evergreen Air Sanitizer hanging from the mirror and new wiper blades.

One time my and I went for a ride and he said,  "The car doesn't feel right, I need to call Eugene". He got his salesman on the phone and told him the car didn't feel right. Eugene said, "Oh yeah Doc, I forgot to mention, the weather is getting cold so we put on a set of Winter tires, we'll swap the other ones back on next April."

One day I heard a car dealer on TV saying that he had lower prices so I asked my dad why he always paid the number on the window sticker ?  He reminded me of the day they put fresh Winter tires on and never even charged him or even mentioned it. He said that they really treated him right and he "appreciated" it.

We are sooo smart today aren't we?  The V.I.P. customer care then was sooo much better but RedCap seems to be on the right path to recapture some of that lost customer service. Not only did  they have my dads LOYALTY but every patient of his that saw his always shining Chrysler was referred to the dealer that knew how to treat him right. When customers pay luxury car prices they deserve luxury service  -- and sometimes get it.       

Bravo !            


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