In our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we’ve been bringing you up to speed on the career of our friend, Carlos - a salesman working under the tutelage of Ali Reda. We’ve been discussing all the good stuff we’ve come across on our journey so far, and walking you through some steps to implement into your own career. Of course, it hasn’t all been gumdrops and sparkles over there, and that’s what this week is all about. 

When Carlos was entering his second month, it began to get a little harder. He was getting people in the door, but we were facing more issues with credit and with trade-ins. As you know, we can’t always offer immediate relief, and it’s easy to get discouraged. So what did we do with the obstacle? I invite you to find the answer in this week’s video.

We’re finding that our customers need to know more. So we began training them, educating them, and helping to get set up for their future. We were giving them the tools they need to move forward and succeed. Because we know something that they do not, we have the opportunity to help them get everything they need to have a life that they want - one without any financial worry. They’re going to remember that! 

He was starting to realize the more people we talk to, the better this business is going to go for us. Remember, when you’re 100% in the relationship business, you’re selling 80%, as opposed to 20% in the transactional world. That’s quite a gap!

He was also noticing the timing with each customer and finding efficiency in his process. Using the 3-Step Selling Process from Keep It Simple Selling makes a world of difference in the sales process. We’ve got to remember to get that full picture before we just go out there and start selling them on something that they don’t need. 

These are things that we have to overcome. As sales people, it is our job to keep trudging ahead. We have to stay focused and go into every new day with fresh eyes and optimism. We have to turn “They can’t buy” into “We’re helping them come back to us later”. It is imperative to every sale, every relationship that we stay positive and expect the best to come out of every conversation!

What do you do to keep yourself in that winning mindset? Share an example of something small you may be doing that’s bringing some big results. Share with us in the comments below so we can learn from one another! 

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