What do you dream of? 


Whether you are the small to midsize business or CEO of a large company there is "that thing" that drives you to keep going. 

You might work on your reputation alone for years and still not reach the level that affords you the luxury that you've dreamed about. Maybe it's more time with your family. Maybe it's additional funds to engage in philanthropy. Or maybe it's to build a legacy that will support a comfortable lifestyle long after you're gone. 


We can all agree that it takes years to create and build a solid relationship with that first customer. Remember the days when the first dollar made hung on the wall of your local store?

It represented your very first sale - it was a badge of honor, and a promise for a future.


The capability available today to market your business go far beyond word of mouth.  It starts with whether you see the value in spreading the word about your business beyond a person to person referral. Whether you're in a highly competitive field or you're the latest, greatest big idea you need to reach your audience in order to get the coveted prize that is equivalent to that framed piece of currency hanging on the wall.


I understand the struggles associated with a highly competitive field - starting a business with a handful of loyal clients and having big dreams of a facility that offers goods and services to a variety of people with varying needs.


My strategy was questioned often because I believed I could reach my audience well beyond my zip code.  As I expanded my service menu so did my demographic.  In the process I inadvertently built a brand that became so recognizable it was synonymous with my first name. 

I knew I stood above those in my industry and wanted everyone to know what made us stand out and why - there lay the value in marketing. 


My namesake, Grandfather Lou, was a Polish Jewish immigrant who worked hard as a huckster. For those yougin's reading this, that’s a person who sells perishables door to door from a truck. My grandfather passed before I was born but I do cherish the few photos that exist of his truck that was splattered with slogans and product names... that method still remains effective.

Today we text and rarely speak to each other, our heads are buried in electronic devices, not newspapers and we give a referral via Yelp , or Facebook leaving us jumping around the internet in search of information that backs up these recommendations.

That is where re-messaging becomes an effective marketing tool. 


Sounds simple enough, although digital marketing may be daunting - you almost have to have a degree in computer science to grasp the basics of it all. However, digital marketing done correctly can transform and manage your business that could afford you those luxuries referenced earlier.

We use a combination of intelligent software, big data and collaborating marketing specialists to leverage a campaign that are ROI focused - enabling you to compete in your specific areas. Ninety percent of the time I see SEO &/SEM campaigns underperforming. It could be driving the wrong audience to your site. To put it simply it's like advertising scuba gear in Golf Digest. Just because you have a web presence does not mean that you are visible to your targeted audience. 


Frankly when I hear business owners say "I have a guy" it's disconcerting. As a person who lives to share information I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't recommend a discovery analysis of your business which includes inquiries to the tune of what drives you, why did you open your business and what is the value behind one new client?  The discovery process for me is about reaching goals and enabling your ability to fulfill your success.


Simply put, we are a "needs" based solutions driven company and that is the "why" in what drives me. 


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