When Car Dealerships Fail: A Frustrated Customer's Tale of Ignored Questions and Nonsensical Emails

In the world of car shopping, a common frustration has emerged among prospects: dealerships that can't be bothered to answer your questions but have no problem flooding your inbox with unwanted marketing emails. This scenario often feels like a slap in the face to customers who simply want straightforward information, only to be met with a barrage of automated responses. 


Imagine this scenario: you're in the market for a new car and, after some research, you find a dealership with what seems like a good lease special. You decide to take the next step and inquire about the payments. Here's a snippet of the email exchange that follows:




Customer Email


Subject: Inquiry About Lease Pricing




I'm interested in the lease special you have on the 2024 Sedan X. Could you please provide the details on the monthly payments, the total due upfront, and any other costs involved?


Thank you,

Mr. Customer




Two days pass, and instead of a response to the specific question, Mr. Customer receives this email:


Dealership Email


Subject: Exclusive Lease Specials Just for You!


Hi Mr. Customer,


Thank you for your interest in our lease specials! We have amazing deals on the 2024 Sedan X. Click here to see our latest offers and find the perfect car for you.


Best regards,

ABC Dealership




Feeling frustrated, Mr. Customer checks the inbox again later that day and finds another email from the dealership:


Dealership Email


Subject: Is there anythinh I can help you with?


Hi Mr. Customer,


Is there anythinh I can help you with? We're here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our vehicles or offers.


Best regards,


Sales Consultant, ABC Dealership




It's clear from this exchange that the dealership's processes have gone on autopilot. Instead of addressing Mr. Customer's specific question about upfront dollars, they send a generic marketing email and a poorly spelled canned response asking if there's anything they can help with—ironically after failing to help with the initial inquiry which actually offered all the answers on how to sell this prospect.


This lack of personalized attention (or let’s call it what it is, lack of reading) and the overwhelming reliance on automated emails not only wastes the customer's time but also leaves them feeling undervalued and ignored. It’s a glaring example of how some dealerships have failed to manage their internal processes effectively.


For dealerships, the lesson here is simple: customers appreciate timely, accurate, and personalized responses. Ignoring their questions while bombarding them with generic marketing emails is a quick way to lose potential business. It's time to put the "customer" back in customer service and ensure every inquiry is met with the attention it deserves.


Removing the people from the equation is a horrible idea and there’s no such thing currently as AI that can do it. So, rather than alienate prospects, why not train your people to do that which you hired them to do, engage customers!


For customers, this experience serves as a reminder to be vigilant and proactive. Don't settle for automated responses. Follow up persistently until you get the information you need, and don't hesitate to take your business elsewhere if a dealership can't provide the basic courtesy of answering your questions.


In a competitive market, the dealerships that stand out will be the ones that prioritize genuine customer interactions over automated marketing. Until then, the frustration will continue for many would-be car buyers like Mr. Customer.

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