When you approach a customer and say to you right away they are just looking what are they really saying?

When I hear in a retail environment those magic words I am so fond of, "I am just looking" I have learned to get excited. I believe that so many fear it and/or ignore the customer after hearing it....to me this is an opportunity to do business.


If we are going to be sucessful we have to learn to listen to customers objections. Then respond pleasantly, professionally and in a fashion that allows us to move to the next step.


Customers first off would not come into your store if they were not interested in the product at some level. That does not mean they will buy...it just means that they have an interest in what you have to offer. I have found first off is to have the right mindset before you even start your day.


When gettting ready for work I set my mind up for the day I am about to have...For me I think about what must be followed up...what my inventory looks like, and what needs to be adjusted. However, a big part of my preparation is thinking of responses to what I may encounter through the day. I want to have the conversations in my mind before they happen. That way I am better prepared mentally to have that conversation. I run through several scenarios of what I will say, what they may say in return, and how I will respond to that.


My goal with every conversation is that the person I am speaking to feels respected, listened to and even if they disagree feel we were doing all we can to provide great service through that communication.


Something like this would be what I would consider a normal introduction.


Me: Hello, welcome to ABC motors, my name is Robert, are you looking for service sales or parts today? (I hate to say how can I help you by the way. We can talk about why in another discussion.)


Customer: I am just looking.


Now what happened here? The customer drove all the way into our business and just wants to look? If they just wanted to look would it not be easier to do this before we opened or after we closed?


Lets explore the customers thought's on why they give this response.


They do not want to be sold, or what they consider being sold. They do not want to pay too much. They may not know at this point what is a fair deal. More and more customers are turning to the internet but still are not sure what to say when they go into the dealer. They don't trust a lot of people in the business and every article on the internet tells them how we are not to be trusted. They are simply fearful of being taken advantage of.


My goal and what I have trained on for years is to bring this wall down. To acknowledge what they say but realize it is not a go away message...what they are saying actually maybe more like, "I am not sure I want to do business with you yet".


Here is a few responses to help you begin to pull that wall down.


Me: Great I am glad you are looking at our store today. I wanted you to know we are running a special on small Suv's. I see you are driving a small Suv right now...Would you be interested in hearing more about our specials?


Hopefully the customer will give you the opportunity to share...but have something truely special to offer...Factory incentives every store like you is offering...so don't be surprised if you start offering 0% or $2500 rebate's as your specials ....that you get a negative response and the customer shuts down on you.

Here is an alternative response:

Many of my customers are coming in because of the big sale we have been advertising....Did you happen to see one of our ads before coming in?

This should open up the door to get the source as well as hopefully the customer gives you just a little opening to begin a conversation.


There are so many I personally use....I switch it based on what the customer is driving, age and even gender.


So you know it is okay to profile your customers as to how to better communicate with them as long as you are not profiling negatively.


I remember selling a lady once who was dressed poorly, holes in her clothing both pants and the shirt, she was barefoot and walked into our store. Everyone ignored her on the lot...I still remember her and I remember she actually said to me...I am just looking. That sale was one of my highest commissions ever paid.


Practice yourself how can you say hello and have more good introductions to your customers.


Hope you enjoyed reading and Happy Selling.

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Comment by Robert Hildreth on September 24, 2011 at 1:29am

Thanks Bobby,

I look forward to good conversations and sharing ideas!

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