When I am asked why I work for DealerBuilt the first thing that usually comes to mind is the review I wrote about their DMS back in 2014 when we converted the dealership I was the GSM of over to their system. One of the things that impressed me then and still does is what an awesome team DealerBuilt has. The level of caring for their dealer partners and passion for building the best tools for auto dealers is second to none. When I left the retail car biz after 30 years of success I felt I have still more to offer dealers and working for DealerBuilt allows me to help more people then I ever could working at one dealership. As I have traveled across the country over the last year or so I have been in nearly ninety dealerships and met hundreds of way cool car peeps, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to help so many and very much look forward to helping many more increase their efficiency with their DMS and get better at what they do! There is still much to be done and many places to go, keep an eye out as the adventures of Mike theCarGuy and DealerBuilt Man come to a car dealer near you! 


#HelpingDealersIsWhatIDo ;)

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