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Strategy with Jason guest Mike theCarGuy!

Had such a great convo with Jason Harris and Peter J. Duffy with Dealer Image Pro about streamlining communication efforts, entering an era of efficiency, and how customers now…


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Strategy with Jason guest Mike theCarGuy!

I guarantee this is the ONLY time you will hear the phrase 'I was embalming bodies on the side' in an automotive industry podcast!! I bet I have your attention now, don't I? So cool to finally meet and chat with the awesome Jason Harris and also meet and hang out with Peter J. Duffy from …


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Why I work for DealerBuilt...

When I am asked why I work for DealerBuilt the first thing that usually comes to mind is the review I wrote about their DMS back in 2014 when we converted the dealership I was the GSM of over to their system. One of the things that impressed me then and still does is what an awesome team DealerBuilt has. The level of caring for their dealer partners and passion for building the best tools for auto dealers is second to none. When I left the retail car biz after 30 years of success I…


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Mike theCarGuy on Auto Dealer Live!

I had a great time wishing the team of Auto Dealer Live a very happy seventh anniversary recently as they celebrated many years of bringing the latest and greatest to the folks of the automotive industry! Been a fan since the beginning and have had the opportunity to be on the show a few times, even met the team and thanked them in person for all they do for our biz too! There was some awesome discussion on social selling during the show, well worth catching the replay if you didn't see it…


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More 'Live with Lopes' from the floor at NADA

I was in the …


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A new home for Mike theCarGuy :)

I am very excited to announce that I have joined the team at Raceway Ford, located at 5900 Sycamore Canyon Blvd. in Riverside, CA 92507! I will be working with the Internet Sales Team and also assisting with our digital marketing efforts and look forward to being a part of something absolutely amazing here! This energy of this store is electric and everything is set for this ship to take off, watch as we…


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Using Google Voice to protect the privacy of my staff...

For some time now I have dabbled with texting customers who requested information online and although the response has always been great I have had my concerns about having my cell phone number and the numbers of my staff being so available and some what unprotected. I avidly follow the work of awesome car folks like Elise Kephart, Robert Weisman and BDC trainer Sean Bradley and I agree with the value of texting in addition to phone calls and emails because it does allow our customer to…


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The ROI of Positivity. :)

Whats the ROI of a great attitude? How do you measure the ROI of a culture in which #positive is a constant and not an afterthought? When focused on spreadsheets and reports, where does an enthusiastic and encouraging enviroment fit it to the analysis?

My Internet 'Direct Sales' Team accepted my challenge to "30 Days of Positivity' at the begining of April. We constistantly worked with each other…


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How I am getting the hang of Twitter and made for an awesome customer experience...

I often get some ribbing about my efforts with Social Media and many times find myself defending my beliefs in the value of the time invested. I realize this business that I love so much is still pretty top heavy with dinosaurs so I mostly let it all roll off my back, although at times I think if I can ‘get it’ as a 40 something year old car guy with over 25 years at this why can’t my fellow managers have at least a LITTLE open mindedness to Social?  Recently I had an experience that fully…


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