With one change you can boost sales and change lives

Often times when I chat with dealers I ask dealers what is keeping them, from getting to the next level of super success I hear responses like:

We need more quality leads.
Or... Cars are bringing brain damage at the sale.
Or... It's hard to find real salespeople anymore man, they just don't breed them like us, you know what I mean?

My answer to these issues are yes, yes and yes...so what. You have to control the controllable and you can control all of these issues so why aren't you.

More quality leads needed? Dump the lead providers that suck and invest in the stuff that is quality...heck, just train your people to prospect the right way and build repeat and referral business since they are the best quality leads. Change your way of thinking.

Cars too expensive? So what! That means they are too expensive for everyone and now your aged inventory just became a better deal. Change your way of thinking.

Sales team weaker than circus lemonade? This is a great! you now have an opportunity for you to step up as a leader and shape them into the rock star that you once were! They are going to love you even more once you help them learn what they need to know so they can make more money. You just have to change you way of thinking.

Often times we are holding everyone else accountable...scratch that, we are shifting blame to everyone and everything else for our lack of success but we have a toolbox full of success resources right between our ears and its more powerful than any technology we can buy.

Make a change in how you see the situation and you'll start to craft ideas for creating the success that you desire. As He-man said "I have the power!" (80's cartoon for the gang to young to remember)

As Steve Jobs said: "My job isn't to be easy on people, it's to make them better."

Helping the best get better,
Mat Koenig
KonigCo // AutoOption

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