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Practical info that people can use? Yeah, we have that.

For reasons known only to God people still struggle with sales training. Rather than spend hours digging into why that is, I wan too just bullet point the ones that stand out.

  • The store changes their process/training too often
  • The desk doesn't buy in so they detrain their people every time they work a deal
  • The training is boring
  • The sales person feels like they can't use it to make money TODAY


Good bad or…


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Create Great Used Car Marketing Videos with just an iPad

A lot of dealers have had success with our iCar Video New Car marketing program but all of my friends ask what they can do for their used cars. Until now, I haven't had a good answer that let them make good looking videos consistently, in a way that was fast and easy.
Today, I am going to share with you a fast and easy method for my dealer pals to create Used Car marketing videos in minutes with nothing more than an iPad mini ($249 at Walmart) and iMovie ($5 on…

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Still struggling to track showroom traffic?

One of our larger dealer group clients was sharing with me the other day that no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to get their salespeople to log everyone into the CRM. This isn't a surprise and it isn't new, frankly, many dealers face the same challenge.

Let’s face facts: Salespeople struggle with logging people into the CRM. No matter how hard we try or how many meetings we have to communicate the importance of good measurement; business, laziness or just plain…


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Are you even OFFERING a way to convert your videos?

With so many great marketing tools at our fingertips in today's day and age I still can't understand why ANY dealer would run a web video, TV commercial, or radio spot without including a SIMPLE way for shoppers to convert. 

I hear commercials that say "Stop in to abc motors..." or "Test drive the XYZ today at Abc motors". These run with the assumption that the buyer knows where you're at or the assumption that they're looking at the screen that shows your address...or…


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KonigCo and What's Next Media announce Strategic Video Partnership

KonigCo and What’s Next Media Announce Strategic Relationship to Deliver Best Quality Automotive Video Conquest Marketing Services in the U.S. and Canada

Kalamazoo, Michigan — March 11, 2014KonigCo, the leader in mobile automotive lead generation with its tool iCall AutoLeads™, today announced a strategic partnership with What’s Next Media™, providers of the best…


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The right way to use mobile video for follow up

some of you that read the title are probably saying there's more than one right way, and that's true, but I'm a big believer that everything we do should first have the consumer in mind. That said, making mobile videos and using them for follow up on YouTube may not be the best thing for your consumer.

why not you ask? Let me ask you this do you think that a person likes having a video with their first and last name publicly shared with the universe?

I know personally, I would…


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Do your salespeople really suck or do you?

After 20 years in this industry it's amazing how in some areas, namely sales management,  so little has changed when it comes to the manager/salesperson relationship. If you've ever said: it's hard to find good people. or... My people suck. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Disclaimer: If the below info doesn't pertain to you, don't be offended. If you leave a pissed off comment, it's likely that I'm speaking directly to you so grab a mirror after you complain about the…


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Topseos + Vendor BS = Dealers being deceived

Recently I received an email from a Company called Topseos which showed many of the So called “top” companies for internet marketing.

This site caught my attention because a I've seen their name pop up in search and a well known Automotive Consultant has branding on their website as being recognized by topseos as one of the best so I decided to contact topseos to find out the criteria to be a top ranked Company in an effort to learn how our company…


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Three Ways to use SMS at Your Dealership

Many people wonder how they can effectively use SMS (text messaging) in the dealership without putting themselves at risk of:

A. Offending the customer with too many messages

B. Being sued for inappropriate use of SMS messaging

In this week's episode of my Automotive Sales & Marketing HOA I shared 3 ways to use SMS at your dealership.

This week's video is below. Tune in EVERY Monday morning at 9AM Eastern to …


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Holiday Horror and Brand Awareness - Deadly Serious Branding

I admit, I'm a bit of a dork. I love horror movies, I love holidays, and few things are better than a mix of both. (Can you say Silent Night Deadly Night).

That said, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and that means it is a perfect day for horror holiday marketing.

I made a fun video (fun to me at least) and created a special offer for automotive dealers that will "DIE" at 3PM on Friday the 13th (Complete with blood, hockey mask, screams and scary music).

You can watch the…


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Recruit and Retain with Craig Lockerd of AutoMax

This week's special guest on the KonigCo Automotive Hangout is Craig Lockerd

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Today the world changed and it’s because you sold a car

I saw this great quote and had to share it with everyone. Our industry, Automotive, has had so many perception issues over the past 20+ years and we get really mad about most of the jokes right?

People say things like “that guy reminds me of a used car salesman” when they describe someone that they think is, well, less than honest.

For YEARS I would get so upset an debate these comments like “Hey, not everyone is like that stereotype from the 70′s movie….we’re people…


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Salespeople Need to be Hunters and Farmers

Are you a hunter or farmer For so many years, we have struggled as an industry when it comes to follow up. Then, companies like Clients for Life and came along and started sending our follow up letters for us. All we had to do was sign it and mail it. This gave us more time to focus on working with the customers who were on the lot and calling in.

Basically, it gave us the ability to focus more time on hunting for new business and the farming was something we were able to relax on,…


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With one change you can boost sales and change lives

Often times when I chat with dealers I ask dealers what is keeping them, from getting to the next level of super success I hear responses like:

We need more quality leads.

Or... Cars are bringing brain damage at the sale.

Or... It's hard to find real salespeople anymore man, they just don't breed them like us, you know what I mean?

My answer to these issues are yes, yes and what. You have to control the…


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You don't sell sell HOWs

After nearly two decades in the Automotive Industry it still amazes me when a sales person is out there walking through features like a robot...emotionless...cold.

When I was a Nissan Manager I had a great guy on my team named Bruce. Bruce was a genius and he could tell you the inner workings of the Maxima's engine and how and why everything did what it did but Bruce, like many other intellectual giants, couldn't close a self closing cabinet door because often times he missed the most…


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How to stay TOP OF MIND with Every Customer

With all the competition in the Automotive World and so many websites, targeted ads and retargeting display ads vying for consumer attention it seems harder than ever to know whether or not your customer will remember you.

How do you set yourself apart from the competition and stay in the customer's mind?

USE COMMON SENSE AND THINK ABOUT USING MOBILE TO CONNECT WITH MOBILE! Niesen did a study in November about Mobile Auto Shoppers and it showed that 49% of…


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Half of these folks who looked at your cars yesterday want to buy today but you didn't call them

Written by Mat Koenig CEO & Founder of KonigCo LLC.

Learn more at…


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Conversion is King when measuring Online Advertisers

Written by Mat Koenig CEO & Founder of KonigCo LLC. Learn more at

There are a million or more opinions on this topic and as my grandmother used to say: "Mathew, opinions are like…


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Stop wasting time at NADA and Digital Dealer and every other workshop

I didn't make it to NADA 2013 this year but I know a lot of my friends who did and as always, they had a great time.

It's funny though, so many people I know spend a ton of money to fly to NADA, or Digital Dealer or some other workshop only to come back and keep doing the same thing they did before the workshop.

I'm sure this won't be a popular comment but I'm going to make it:

Stop wasting your time, and your money, going to these workshops if you're not even doing the…


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Stop using STUPID WORDS that hurt your career - Here's the STUPID WORD of the DAY

I watched a fun video on dealerelite this morning that had a fantastic message about ignoring when another salesperson says 'that guy's been here before' and having the confidence to go and serve that customer and sell them a vehicle in spite of the other salesperson's shortcomings. SO TRUE. 

Something about the video, and many other videos, bothered the hell out of me so I thought, what the heck, let's talk about it!…


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