Still struggling to track showroom traffic?

One of our larger dealer group clients was sharing with me the other day that no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to get their salespeople to log everyone into the CRM. This isn't a surprise and it isn't new, frankly, many dealers face the same challenge.

Let’s face facts: Salespeople struggle with logging people into the CRM. No matter how hard we try or how many meetings we have to communicate the importance of good measurement; business, laziness or just plain forgetfulness get in the way of getting it done.

If we want 100% CRM logging on the showroom floor, there is now an easy solution.

Incentivize the CUSTOMER and sales person to automate the process.

What’s that you asked? No no silly goose, I’m not saying ask the sales person to sit them down in front of VinSolutions to register themselves to help with YOUR tracking. I’m introducing you do a simple, digital guest log that gives customers and sales reps an easy way to automate this process.

Here’s how it works:

We provide you with a pre programmed iCar Showroom Kiosk that sits right on the reception desk, (or managers desk if you want to implement an early T.O.)

After greeting a customer the salesperson says: “We have a special gift for you just for stopping in today.” They then show them the kiosk.

Customer clicks “claim your coupon” and they enter their name, zip code, and phone number.


Instantly they receive a text message including a link to the digital coupon for whatever value you set. Viola! Instant gratification for the shopper (who was going to deal shop from your showroom on their phone anyway) and Instant gratification for you because you now have 100% CRM logging because Instantly they are logged into your CRM thanks to the iCar Showroom Kiosk!

The great part is that your salesperson will ALWAYS go into the CRM afterward because they want to attach their name to the deal for protection from being skated in the deal if they don’t close it.

The other great part is your salesperson starts the transaction by giving the customer a reward for stopping in so it begins with positivity and makes the sales person feel more confident about things going well.

It also gives them something to use in the write up when they pencil numbers they can say "The total out the door is XXXX after we apply the extra XXX savings you got for stopping in today."

Fast, easy, beneficial for the customer and the dealer. :) 

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