Create Great Used Car Marketing Videos with just an iPad

A lot of dealers have had success with our iCar Video New Car marketing program but all of my friends ask what they can do for their used cars. Until now, I haven't had a good answer that let them make good looking videos consistently, in a way that was fast and easy.
Today, I am going to share with you a fast and easy method for my dealer pals to create Used Car marketing videos in minutes with nothing more than an iPad mini ($249 at Walmart) and iMovie ($5 on the App Store). This tutorial is less than 4 minutes long, including the 90 second finished product, and literally shows how to make a video with step by step instructions including screenshots of what it all looks like on the iPad through the process.
Of course, I'm a shameless self promoter as most of my friends know so we do offer a program to create the intro and outro videos and provide an iPad that's already got it pre-loaded for you if you'd rather pay us to do it so you can check that out at but seriously, you can do it yourself absolutely free so check out the video and be sure to share it with your friends.
How to create used car marketing videos: Step by step in less than 4 Minutes
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