Practical info that people can use? Yeah, we have that.

For reasons known only to God people still struggle with sales training. Rather than spend hours digging into why that is, I wan too just bullet point the ones that stand out.

  • The store changes their process/training too often
  • The desk doesn't buy in so they detrain their people every time they work a deal
  • The training is boring
  • The sales person feels like they can't use it to make money TODAY


Good bad or indifferent, these concerns exist so I thought, what the heck, let's do a free 20 minute sales meeting every week, stream it live online at our website and put it live on Periscope (@konigco) as well as Meerkat (@chrisspeer1) so that people can use it for inspiration, use it in an actual sales meeting for the dealership, or just grab information for themselves. Some tips are new, some are refreshers but here's what makes it great (in my opinion).

  • 20 minutes so you don't get overkill
  • Every week the tips can be used immediately to make money

So far we've done 3 episodes and I wanted to share them with the community at DealerElite so I'm embedding the videos below. I hope you find them helpful and I'd love your comments.

Episode #1 - Objection handling made easy (Fast forward 7 minutes to skip our setup)

Episode #2 - The 4Rs for Removing Objections

Episode #3 - Using video to follow up and prospect

Helping the best get better,

Mat Koenig


KonigCo | Buscador de Auto

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