Women-Drivers.com names 2015 Top Dealership Awards

Top 3 Dealerships are Acknowledged for their High Review Scores from Women

Who made the cut for the Top Dealers in 2015? Women have spoken and the reviews have been tallied.

DAY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP is awarded the 2015 Certified Women-Drivers.com Auto Group Dealer of the Year.

MIDGETTE AUTO SUPERCENTER is awarded the 2015 Certified Women-Drivers.com Independent Dealer of the Year.

DIVER CHEVROLET is awarded the 2015 Certified Women-Drivers.com Dealer of the Year.

Based upon the number of reviews received and the aggregate scores of those reviews, these dealerships have consistently demonstrated exceptional trust, respectful and fair experiences towards women when shopping, purchasing and in the service drive.

"Each of these dealerships clearly are performing at an exemplary level with this growing buying segment. Over half of all cars are purchased by women and further, women rely on car dealer reviews twice as much as men when buying. Not only are these top distinguished dealerships getting excellent satisfaction scores, they are showcasing true transparency and exceptional customer treatment on an on-going basis," said Women-Drivers.com president, Anne Fleming.

2015 set a record, selling 17.5 million cars. Women buy half of all vehicles, and influence more than 80% of the purchases. With Millennials, women now account for 53% of all buyers. Dealers are looking for innovative ways to engage with this powerful buying group in today’s competitive industry.

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