WomenCertified® is all about the customer experience. Here are some helpful reminders about how you can take your customer experience to the next level!
1.Be approachable and likeable.Research has shown that people like to buy from people they like. Does that make you nervous, as though you’re in a middle school popularity contest? Re...lax! While it’s important to dress nicely, maintain good grooming and take care of your smile, your aim is to be the best version of yourself – not someone else. Salespeople who try too hard come cross as fake, which is not a good way to build trust. Even a quiet personality—the opposite of the stereotypical salesperson—can be an asset to your success if you are kind, friendly and helpful.

2.Go the extra mile. At this point, you should consider the “extra mile” to simply be part of the journey. Think about your favorite businesses and brands—what do they do to wow you time and again? Now do this for your customers! Consistently.

3.Listen up. Good communication is absolutely essential to making sales and developing customer loyalty. You can’t adequately serve someone whose needs you haven’t clearly heard and confirmed. Some salespeople pride themselves on being able to predict what their customers need or want based on demographics or other criteria—don’t be that person! Treat each customer as an individual, and talk (and listen!) to them like they matter.

4.Be consistent. As mentioned in point 2, consistency is key. Customer service that is hit-or-miss doesn’t generate loyalty. No matter when, where or how you or your business interacts with your customers, they should get the same great experience every time. The customer experience is a part of your brand, and a part of your culture. Live it.

5.Tap into emotions. That famous phrase, “It’s not personal; it’s business,” is not applicable to sales and service professionals who care about customer satisfaction. Almost all purchases are personal and come with a certain amount of emotion behind them. Respect that emotion, pay attention to it and learn to understand it. This is not about manipulation but about getting to know your customers~WOMENCERTIFIED.COM B By: Susan Hair
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