We’re back with Begin Again. In our video series, we’ve been sharing tips about marketing your business. It’s our goal at Auto Training Academy to give you the tools you need to find great success in this business, and believe me - we’re not even close to the end of our list of suggestions!

We’ve been spending our time for the last few weeks getting your newsletter out there. This week, we’re going to give you a lot more to do with that newsletter. What else should you be doing to promote local businesses? How else can you be sharing valuable information that your friends don’t have access to? What else can you do to make people smile and be a force for good in your community?

By now, you’ve probably started or revised that newsletter. Great job! It’s a benefit for people to know you! Make sure you give as many people the opportunity to see that as you can. 

I invite you to watch this week’s video, and allow us to tell you even more that you can do with the information you’ve already put together for them. 

So you started a newsletter. Great! The next place you want to expand your connections is in the social media world. Be part of that community too. Contribute to them here just like you did in that newsletter, and enter a world of connection.

It may feel a little daunting to begin. Don’t worry. We’re going to use that newsletter to start. Disassembling the pieces for the next couple of weeks, you’ll have a feed with more engagement than you might expect. Using the tips we’ve shared for content, the information you have to share is interesting and inviting. Assuming you’ve used all our suggestions so far to create your newsletter, here’s what you’re going to do next…

  • Monday
    Share a picture of the inspirational image or quote from your newsletter. Add a brief explanation of your image, or words of encouragement to accompany the photo. It can be as simple as “Happy Monday! Hope this week treats you well.” 
  • Wednesday
    Share a photo of that recipe from your newsletter. Tag the person or establishment who gave it to you, and thank them for sharing it with you. You can say something like, “Check out the bison meatball recipe from @yourfriend, chef and owner of @thatguy’srestaurant. A delicious appetizer at home, and even better at the restaurant. Thanks @yourfriend for sharing your talent with our community!”
  • Friday
    TGIF! Share the joke that you included in your newsletter. Just write it into the text box, and share. Easy as that.
  • Sunday
    Be charitable on Sunday. Share the local event that you featured in your newsletter. Tell people a little about this cause that you care about. Let them know that you’ll be there, and you’re excited to support them! 
  • Tuesday
    Okay, it’s time to give them some of that valuable information you put together for them. What relevant information did you decide to share with them first? It might be something like, “Where are all the cars?” Tell them a little about what’s going on in our industry. Be real with people here. It’s critical to the connections that you have that you be the honest voice in this industry for them. Find ways to connect with people and share what’s going on right now in the auto industry. You’re not selling them a car. You’re becoming their advisor.
  • Thursday
    Share the local promotion from your newsletter. Did you feature your local dry cleaner or a new restaurant? Tag the business, thank the employees, and tell your neighbors to get out there and back this business!

That’s two weeks worth of content for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you keep your friends in the machine. You didn’t even have to think about it. Just show them what you care about, and they will start to care about you. 

In the social world, you want to be real. You want to be your authentic self. Who are you at your best? Be that. Where are you going, and why? Stay in integrity with who you are. 

Connect with people, and be consistent with them so you can be successful. Don’t give up. It’ll happen, and when the dam breaks there will be so many people who know who you are, and want what you have to offer.

We want to help you find this kind of success! We want to help build up that dam for you, so it breaks even sooner. You see, this is YOUR business. It’s your market, your career, your name, and your people. We want to get you to your next level! Click here to join us in the 100 Cars Club!

In the comments below, tell us “Are you ready to get to your next level?”

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