Recorded in the Shottenkirk Traveling Showroom July 3rd, 2012 at the Schuyler County Fair Rushville, IL

No brochures, no cars, no blueprint...Where do we go from here?

Having run one of the most successful internet departments in the country for the past two years, I have marketed myself right out of running that internet department, into running a traveling showroom (whatever that is).

I've been out on the road for two weeks now, and while I am discovering the nuances of running a traveling showroom, the internet department I created is now being run my the person who used to be my assistant, and it now goes in a completely new direction. Not that it's a bad direction, just a different one. A direction I no longer control.

It used to be that I only needed to be working when I was in my office. When I was not there, or at one of the dealerships the job was not with me. It was there waiting for me to return. Today, things are different...My job has now become my entire life. I now feel guilty almost even for sleeping. Not to mention the fact that I'm not truly sure how I can prove that my efforts equal results. I even wonder if the peers who I am writing this to will even understand what it is that I'm trying to get across.

My sweetheart tells me this is the most incredible opportunity that will ever pass before me. She tells me that the large dollar amount invested in this project by my General Manager is a clear demonstration of just how much I am valued. A demonstration of just how much I am truly worth to my group.

It's all a bit much for me really. I should be here giving you an instructional video on how to run a traveling showroom. Instead, I use our blog to seek out validation and direction. Which, by the way, is a valid way to use a blog. I mean after all, what is dealer elite but a sophisticated, automated, interactive discussion of the issues that surround our lives. The issues that are our lives and livelihood.

One of these days I'll be here in this very spot, telling you how to run a successful traveling showroom. Until then, I'll continue to report to you what takes place on my journey. Last night it was the Miss and Junior Miss beauty pageants. Tonight, it's the Tractor pulls. I'll have videos of that for you.

Any comments or suggestions, my RADAR is on.

And by the way...We don't sell brochures!

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Comment by Garrett Osborne on July 16, 2012 at 7:42pm
There is no metric to measure ROI Gillon. But figure they are paying you so it must be worth something Mr. N.

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