No discussions yet?  I thought I'd start one - hope that's ok Ralph!


I would love to hear about your social media experiences/uses - personally and/or with clients!


As for me....I'm all about Social Media and it's relevance w/in the world of Marketing!  In regards to dealers + social media...Even dealers trying to embrace social media and engagement will find that unless they come around to a whole new philosophy, a new way of doing business, they will have trouble succeeding w/in these platforms.  By new way of business, I mean how they are choosing to interact with customers and employees.  If you put a message out there that is not getting backed with congruent action, you will lose.  The audience out there does not care for mixed messages. 


Has anyone found the dealer really willing to move away from the old school and rewarded because they did so?


Cheers!  Heather

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Hi Heather,
I have been hosting a blog and Facebook and Twitter page for a little less than a year. I drive traffic to the blog from Facebook and Twitter. I get about 500-800 readers per month but very little feedback or conversation. I know I don't engage the local community as I should but I have too little knowledge of it and my dealer doesn't want to advertise the wonderful things he does for the community because he's afraid he'll have people knocking at his door asking for money everyday. He buys into Social Media and thinks it's important but doesn't want to engage. We're getting ready to do a food drive for a couple food banks. Any ideas?

Dear Tom,

I have found social media to have some of the same aspects as other online and offline media. By that I mean you either need to push on the readers button by telling a compelling story or some eye catching (usually video) message that causes an immediate call to action.  Don't be afraid to try a couple of different approaches and be sure to measure your outcomes. Good luck, ray


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