Make customer service smarter - Forrester analyst Kate Leggett suggests

Today, when customer experience matters the most, and when the customer is always right, car dealerships need to make customer service their priority. If the customer is not satisfied, you are doing it wrong.

Here is what Forrester analyst Kate Leggett suggests to employ a smart strategy for smart customers. In the age of the consumer, you need to pay attention to time. Customers do not have time to deal with your dealership forever; they need instant solutions and their time is running out.

First, you need to make their experience easy; second, make it effective, and third, build an emotional connection. If you are still struggling with complex and unintegrated contact center technology environment, your service will be far from good and don’t even think about being great. This is what Kate Leggett believes company leaders still struggle with, these tactics which would improve their customer service experience.

1. Empower customers and agents with exactly the right knowledge.

Successful interaction depends on three factors: the right information (knowledge), the right answers and all delivered at the right time. When delivered properly, this knowledge can personalize interactions, reduce handle time, improve customer satisfaction index, as well as engagement, operational efficiency, and finally up-sell conversions and increase revenue. Your dealership should not stay behind this tactic: use it wisely and by doing so with your staff and customers, everyone will profit.

2. Make their workforce more productive.

Today, customer service agents use many different tools and applications that are usually not connected. When dealing with a single customer, this can cause a problem in managing data and delivering the right solution. Consistency, productivity, and frustration with the tools may cost more than you think because when things are not working properly, your business will pay in the long run.

3. Do the right thing for the customer.

One of the biggest problems businesses struggle with is personalization. Today customers expect service which is done for them only and is in line with their interaction history and transactions. What businesses fail to deliver is this tailor-made solution: they make everything for broader use, without paying attention to the customer’s persona. Think about creating service which is more personal and nurtures good relationships, delivers trust, and makes room for customer loyalty.


If you want to make your service better in 2018, employ intelligent technologies to make your agents and customers smarter. Here is how you can give the right solutions and improve your service process:

  • Contextual knowledge solutions. According to Leggett, curated content delivered via knowledge management technologies can empower customers to amplify their agents’ and customer intelligence. You are not omnipotent: you simply cannot keep up with high-volume content demands for thousands of products services, or other apps customers use to communicate with you. Simply put, use a comprehensive content management platform and your customers will benefit from it.
  • Agent productivity solutions. When agents need to be productive, repetitive tasks can slow down their processes and dull the speed of delivery. If your agents are suffering from boring repetitive tasks, you should automate the process. Technology is out there for many years now, but if you are still waiting to see its benefits, do it now and jump on that train. It can only do you good.

If you are still struggling with all of these issues at your car dealership, try something new. Improve communication with your customers via advantage txt. We provide an integrated solution, which can be easily connected with your DMS and works on any device. Our text messaging service has many advantages: it is easy for advisors and customers, everyone uses it – no matter the age, it has high ‘read’ percentage and improves customer satisfaction. Smart texting for smart customers.

Schedule a live demonstration at your dealership today by texting “Demo” to or calling: (415) 903-8800.

Msg&Data rates may apply ;-)

Read the original article written by Kate Leggett on Forrester Blog.


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Article originally published on on January 11, 2017.

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