If you thought bullying stopped when you left the school yard, think again.  Here are some interesting results from a study by CareerBuilder about bullying in the workplace. 


Going out on a limb here, but I would venture to say these numbers are higher in the auto retail industry. 


According to a survey by CareerBuilder:

  • 27% of employees say they have felt bullied on the job
  • 34% of women professionals report being bullied, 22% of men say so too
  • 29% of workers age 55+, and 29% of those 24 or younger report bullying – the highest percentage for any age groups

You can view more of these stats at 



Please share with us your experience of being bullied on the job, and let us know what you did about it (if anything).


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In many cases bullying is harassment and harassment is illegal.  The Department of Labor is really focused on enforcement these days so if employers don't deal with the problem it is easier than ever for employees to file suit.

After working in HR for 25 years I can tell you it should not take months to document harassment-a complete investigation and disciplinary action up to  and including termination should take 2 weeks at most- the challenge is making sure executives understand the consequences of not taking action.  Pointing out the most recent lawsuits and settlements that dealerships who didn't take action paid for usually does the trick. 



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