Are you a salesperson with your own website? Mine is
I'm in the process of updating my site to do some differnt stuff.

Please respond with your URL I would like to see how you do a couple things and what your best practices are.



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Hi Mike -

I have two that are for different purposes...

The first is a sort of a "virtual business card" website.  As a professional in sales we should never be caught without a business card.  hmmmmm. Still, it has probably happened to the best of us.  We search for something to scribble down our contact info.

Instead of doing that I have one website with a domain that is hopefully easy enough for most people to remember, and voila- they can look me up later...     mhonda   this is a purchased theme and can be found here

I also have a website with keywords from my local market in the domain like the one that you have above.  This one was custom coded based on bootstrap so that it is responsive to most devices (mobile, tablets, notebooks and desktops) .  It is not yet complete, however if you look at it in different devices you will see a decent example of a responsive website.  Central Coast Honda

if you want to click on the google plus on button while your there that would be ok too....(hint hint) :>



I am so glad you brought this up.  In my FTCS selling and marketing methodology that I work to instill on dealers and sales professional learning the business I make it a point to let them understand the importance of marketing yourself.  A sales person to be effective in 2014 needs to also be a digital marketer to a certain extent.  This includes having their own website.

Here is one we did for a salesperson!

The niche we focused on was Car loans and Jeeps

I have purchased a domain name but have no idea how to start a website. I've been in the business for over 16 years with 3 as internet mgr. I've kept up with technology but am at a loss here. The reason for the website is I moved 2500 miles from my database. Starting at below ground zero. Any and all insights will be much appreciated.


Automotive site:

Biography site:


I would invite you to think about two things. First, remember this formula: TOT - The one thing. What is the one thing you want them to do when you get them to your site. Is this a billboard? Should it be set up to get people into a email newsletter subscription and then drip communicate them? Also, I would put your picture at the top instead of the Corvette. People buy from people and you are the brand. Keep going in the direction of positioning yourself as an expert instead of a salesperson. Also, what niches would you like to dominate? King of trucks? "Be somewhere, be someone and be somebody." Educate people through video, free reports and more. The reviews are good but start taking a picture of every customer at delivery in front of their car and load it to and make that the front of the postcard. Use the pictures on your website. Also, ask for testimonial video you can take with your smartphone. Load these to your own youtube channel and then place on your website. You need as many pictures and videos as evidential proof as you can get. It would be good to get a waiver form signed for the videos. 

Best Wishes and Good Selling,

For more than two years, has been offering auto sales and service professionals their own FREE personal brand building pages, which also provides a simple way for happy customers to speak directly about the the service they got during the sales or service process.  Individual pages also have capability to generate FREE leads for the sales people too.  AND the pages are transportable so the sales professionals can take their reviews with them when moving to another dealership in the U.S. or Canada.

Check out pages for these salespeople:

more info on it is at

I took a brief look at it and found one thing that just jumped out at me.  If you're in a dealership like mine where there's one guy working in your internet department then there's no problem.  However, I noticed you have links going back to your dealerships website.  That could possible open up a lead that you worked hard to get, go into a round robin for other sales people.

The concept is great!  I think everyone should have either a facebook page or website or both.  Digital marketing of Brand You is how to do it.  If you want to collaborate, contact me.


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