Is anyone else tired of being spammed by ADM and DE?  I don't mind getting occasional e-mails with good content, but when I keep getting old material pushed one me consistently it gets irritating.  I just got one today and it's probably the third time it's hit my in box in the last 2 weeks.  Not to mention the article was written 3 plus months ago.  Talk about beating a dead horse!

In my opinion somebody should control the amount of content e-mailed as well as the quality.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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I believe you can edit your settings Jerry so that you do not receive email notifications...

I don't mind getting stuff that is quality and fresh.  I just don't like getting the same material over and over.

Hello Jerry

Thank you for this post!

All dE members can edit our settings so that we do not receive email notifications

Go to Setting: (on the upper right corner),Just below Friend-invite, then click Emails, you will see a screen shot below,  you decide who you receive emails from. Many of the emails are Not from the dE network. Most are from the groups you have joined or someone you have accepted as a friend. Once you accept someone as a friend they could email blast all their friends at once to promote their blogs,company etc.. Certain members have abused their email blasts priviledge by self promoting their blogs.(dE has no control over this) You could also unfriend the abusers, to stop this.

I guess what my parent's told me when I was young, is also true with Social Media "Choose your friends Wisely" Messages

Email me when I receive...
A personal message
A message from
A message from one of my groups
A message from one of my events
A message sent to multiple recipients
A comment on My Page
Alerts sent by an app

Thanks DE!

I went in and changed the settings.  I also removed the culprit from my friend list.  You have to go to that persons page and look for the "Remove as Friend" button.  Then one appears that allows you to block all content from that person.

Let this be a lesson to those who blatantly spam old material repeatedly!

Jerry, your point is understood and taken as constructive criticism... Especially your issue around sending email invites to view old content posts, or the undesirable practice of inviting people to view the same content multiple times.  I am sure that if you were irritated enough to post this statement, there are many others who are also irritated with excessive and repetitive email invitations who have not taken the time to post their objections to these practices... so thank you for bringing it to all of our attention!

word:) Don't hate the players hate the game!

Now you have an idea what its like for consumers who are car shopping online, requesting quotes and giving up their email addresses to get a FREE quote.   I guess there still must be dealers out there charging for price quotes!    

The Good news:  Technology today makes it easy to shotgun emails 

The Bad News: Technology today makes it easy to shotgun emails  

There will always be people who use and abuse their resources and technology for their personal agendas. Any member of DE, ADM, IdeaExchange, Auto Dealer People or other ning network know who these folks are and have either blocked their emails or -de-friended them.   I just log in regularly to get info and get updates on events going on in the industry.

Always good info and good people in these communities.   Hope to see you in Vegas this fall. 



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