I took a break today and read the book again called " Who moved my Cheese? " It is a timeless classic to say the least. You know maybe it is time for dealers to make this book required reading again. When I first started in management it was required reading for me.

There is way too much time spent in the past and blaming other people, other applications and not enough time spent getting back to the basics of being a hunter and a farmer in the sales profession and looking for solutions instead of waiting for a magic bean to fall from the sky.

Theories are like "Be Back Bucks" you can't take them to the store and buy a darn thing with them.

The answer to so many dealers problems are right under their noses, if they would only stop hemming and hawing


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Excellent my friend.

Of the books that I've read, who moved the cheese happens to be one of them. I enjoyed the read, the book has always stuck in my mind when it's time to adjust strategy,- before it's time. 

I like your style!~


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