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How do you find your Dealerships next Media Opportunity?

Isn't that the million dollar question? Trust me I was on the Dealer side of this conversation for 15 years. With my work schedule getting time off the last thing I wanted to do was look for things. I wanted the only time I had to be with my family. I hated the phone calls at the Dealership too. But they were necessary. If the conversation was engaging, the person was likeable and the product sound, I would give the right person a chance. Standing on the other side of the aisle now I…


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Direct Mail is not dead if you use the right approach!

With any marketing campaign it is of utter importance to hit your customers where they are. Whether that be Social Media, Digital Media or Traditional Media. To brand your message you have to develop a trust in what you are marketing by making it familiar to your customer because they have seen the message enough to trust it purely from being seen. If you are marketing to them all around their digital footprint using Google and Facebooks Algorithms you…


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To stay in front of a shifting market make sure you get out of your own way.


Too many times in today’s market Employee’s, Managers or GM’s buck the trend by insisting antiquated methods from an outdated market still apply. In the car business it is more important than ever to ride the trending market wave than to catch the next swell if you catch one at all. Change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, it will happen. The unfortunate truth is you either re-invent yourself as a Manager, GM or Employee or that change will be you. I find myself…


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Project Atlantis. The return of the Auto Dealership to Customer Service Retail.

Imagine your store without salespeople. Well Kind of. This is the direction I feel like Car Dealerships are heading and honestly I believe it’s the best thing that could happen to an industry that has been decimated with negative press and the barbaric sales tactics that drove that press. In the information age it’s not necessary to go to those dealers anymore. Reviews tell you who they are. The internet provides you the information and pricing you need to make informed decisions without…


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10 Best Practices to stay competitive in today’s market

1. Manage your stores Online Reputation. In todays market more than ever customers decide if they want to come to your store before you even know it. Get in front of your reviews not behind them. Ask for reviews.

2. Inventory display. Change up the layout of your lot moving new and used vehicles around. Make it clean and organized. Sales people need a routine. Twice a month make this part of their job to display your profit maker…


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