How do you find your Dealerships next Media Opportunity?

Isn't that the million dollar question? Trust me I was on the Dealer side of this conversation for 15 years. With my work schedule getting time off the last thing I wanted to do was look for things. I wanted the only time I had to be with my family. I hated the phone calls at the Dealership too. But they were necessary. If the conversation was engaging, the person was likeable and the product sound, I would give the right person a chance. Standing on the other side of the aisle now I make those calls. Selling a solid product that actually sells cars. But getting through is like asking lightning to strike an exact spot on command. A lot of us are actually trying to help put a good product in front of you. Car guys are always looking for a good opportunity to continue our careers after the Dealerships. When you find a product to believe in you grab a hold. At the end of the day there is life after the Dealerships. Take some time out of your day everyday to listen to people. Not everything you hear is smoke and mirrors. Sometimes it's people that can help and actually want too. 

Radius Maketings O2O Program actually sells cars.

For More info contact me!

Emil Whittle

813 252 1397

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