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Don’t think training fits in your budget? Just look at your rear end.

Most dealerships are used to focusing most of their time and attention on their sales team and profits from the front end. Unfortunately, the profits made on each sale are dwindling and new car sales are down. Lost revenue on your front end makes everyone want to tighten their belts. The question is: Where do we make the cuts? Should we pull from…


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What Constitutes a Great Workplace?

A Harvard Business Review shows that Boomers and Millennials are changing what constitutes a great place to work.

(Keep in mind that each of these generations are roughly twice the size of Gen. X which lies in the middle, so it is critical that we listen.)…


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(Not So) Radical Ideas – Critical Changes for a Millennial Work Force

When business resumes as usual, will you be ready to attract the cream of the crop?

-by Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine.

I recently spoke at a conference in Orlando. After my presentation, I noticed a workshop on the schedule: “How to recruit and keep your technicians.”…


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Fixed Ops University Video

We have less than 8 seconds to grab and keep someone’s attention before their mind starts to wonder.

We have so much information at our fingertips that our brains decide to shut down sooner if the information isn’t valuable, stimulating or just plain fun.

Are you still with me?

I am Sally…


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Making Sure Service Advisors Have the Right Foundation (Podcast)

Sally Whitesell on the AutoSuccess podcast-

Sally Whitesell, President of sw Service Solutions, joins us to discuss how dealers can ensure their service advisors have the foundation they need to build success in the service…


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Do Your Advisors Know How Much They're Worth?

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Is Your Store Ready For Training?

I have been hired numerous times to perform training in stores that are not mentally or physically prepared for growth. Mentally, because their advisors think they are doing well enough and don’t see the growth potential in their position. Physically, because the shop is already full, or scheduled work is backed up for days. 

In order to help you get…


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Who is Eating Your Profits?

Sometimes you have to get rid of a bad apple. This article is an oldie, but goodie from our archives.

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine.

Terminating someone is never pleasant and not to be taken lightly. As a former service manager I only had to fire one service advisor -and I did not make that decision lightly. However, in…


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The First Step video excerpt

Does your team set goals? Do they know how to make a great first impression? They will receive these valuable tools and more in Fixed Ops University "The First Step" series. 

Who says training has to be boring?

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Selling Tires part 1 excerpt

Training doesn't have to be boring! Does your team know how to sell tires? We do! Enjoy a fun animation from our Fixed Ops University online training.

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Real Quick Is Not Real Profitable!

-by Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine

MYTH: “Customers just want fast service. They want to be in and out quickly and they don’t want to be sold anything at the write-up.”

Ever heard these statements before? I hear this from advisors all the time, and they couldn’t be more wrong in these assumptions. Of…


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Keep Your Team’s Attention During Training (Podcast)

Practical and easy ways to keep your team's attention! Start using these tips today!

Listen now: …


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Presenting Maintenance is Not a Choice, it’s a Responsibility!

-by Kristopher Hampton for AutoSuccess Magazine

How would your clients feel if, while leaving your store, someone shared that their advisor didn’t tell them about all of the maintenance recommendations for their vehicle? Do you think they would be mad, disappointed, surprised? Would they ever trust your store…


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Get Your Customers in the Door with a Service BDC

-By Sally Whitesell For AutoSuccess Magazine

Your phone is ringing. It’s your most important customer calling.

Your dealership has spent a lot of money to get the phones to ring. Every poorly handled call is a lost opportunity that you can’t afford. When service advisors – who are already working at a frenetic pace – answer the…


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How to Avoid Survey Backfire

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess magazine

Customer satisfaction surveys have trained us as consumers to scrutinize every aspect of our customer service experience. You can’t make a purchase without someone asking you to fill out a survey. I could spend 2 minutes in a store and feel perfectly satisfied because my visit was quick and efficient.…


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Give Your Clients What They Want. Text Them!

-By Kristopher Hampton of sw Service Solutions for AutoSuccess Magazine.

One of the biggest complaints in our industry is “No one ever called me.” Most service managers hear this at least once a day. After you have established that a call was actually made, you may hear, “I never listen to my voicemails anymore so I didn’t get your message.” Yet the…


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Give Your Advisors the Foundation They Need to Build Success

By Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine.

As a professional trainer, my goal is to help you increase production, retain customers and employees, and boost CSI. Yet many times I’ll be training at a dealership and notice that the foundation needed to build these wins aren’t in place. Here are some crucial questions to ask yourself to…


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Making Your Training Sessions Pay Off (Podcast)

Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions, joins the AutoSuccess Podcast to discuss how you can make your training sessions pay off.

Listen now:…


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Creating a Successful Team

By sw Service Solutions' Kristopher Hampton for Auto Success Magazine

Imagine for a moment that you are the coach of your favorite team and getting ready for a new season. You have the right players and talent to go all the way to the championship with hard work, focus, preparation, and training. This is going to be the year you’ll be the absolute best, the…


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-by Sally Whitesell for Dealer Service Magazine.

Never underestimate the importance of a professional greeting!

Nothing sets the tone for an exceptional service experience more than a warm welcome. I’m not just referring to your client’s experience, but also your advisor’s experience with each individual.

When we start off by making…


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