We have less than 8 seconds to grab and keep someone’s attention before their mind starts to wonder.

We have so much information at our fingertips that our brains decide to shut down sooner if the information isn’t valuable, stimulating or just plain fun.

Are you still with me?

I am Sally whitesell, president of sw service Solutions Fixed Ops University.  As you can see, our training format is a little bit different. After 25 years of training advisors, we have found that regular lectures and talking head videos simply aren’t as effective as they once were.

Our sessions require constant interaction. Trainees have to click through our screens to advance or take a quiz.

We provide fill in the blank handouts because writing answers will help them retain more and they will have notes to refer back to.  (Right, like I am going to fill in the blanks!) Well that’s up to you but if you don’t… you may really regret it at quiz time.

It’s really not that bad!

Our online training has been extremely effective because we show real-world examples using graphics and animated videos. Why? Because it is the most popular format today! Let’s face it, we retain information that makes us laugh, solves a need, or provokes an emotion.

We offer dozens of courses on topics from how to professionally greet clients to how to sell a transmission service.

We know that our training is the most relevant and effective in the industry today and we hope you will let us guide your team to success!

Fixed Ops University: Training sessions your service advisors will WANT to watch!

Find out more at http://swservicesolutions.com/fixed-ops-university/

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