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New car sales remain a struggle

New car sales will remain a struggle for at least the next year or so. This will place a huge importance on fixed operations for dealership overall profits. We know how to get more gross profit for you on customer pay and warranty repairs. I am offering you Coronavirus pricing on our Margin Plus program. This is where we get you, retail prices on warranty repairs.…


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During times like these, it’s challenging to watch the news. The world is closing down and getting sick. Family members are being hospitalized and no one is allowed to visit. Compare that to people like my Niece Jamie Bickel who went to New York as a Respiratory Therapist to help in the fight with Coronavirus for the next two months. My…


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War Plans

Let’s face the facts, today's car dealers and everyone in our industry is at war. I recommend your dealership register for disaster relief at…


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Scared or Determined

These are interesting times that have me thinking about 2008 when it seems our world would collapse. Negative thoughts amplified the facts causing most of us to question our future. My own personal situation at that time included a health issue that took away the use of my right hand from surgery and complications from it for…


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Wasting Time

The most precious thing that we all have is our time. It fascinates me that we all have equal amounts yet use it so differently. Take smoking as an example. We all understand it’s not healthy however imagine the amount of wasted time is taken for smoke breaks. Scanning…


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Asking the Right Questions

No matter what business you’re in asking the right questions makes a huge difference in results. The most important questions seldom get asked or even considered when evaluating a product, individual, or company. One question that I particularly like to ask is; “what makes you different?”. The truth is this should be every…


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Outbound Calls

It’s that time of year when many dealerships struggle to keep repair order count high. My favorite way to build repair order counts is to perform outbound calls with open safety campaigns. If this is a daily exercise repair order growth never seems to be a struggle and customer retention is never a concern. During a recent…


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Getting Better

Dick Fosbury won an Olympic gold medal yet most don’t know his name or story. His Olympic record high jump was 7-4 to achieve a gold medal. The interesting thing to me is that Fosbury wasn’t remarkable as he developed in high school or initially in college. The standard techniques of high jumping were not going to make him a star Olympic…


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Building Gross Profit

Building your gross profit has to be a priority for anyone in business today. Without enough gross profit, you are doomed to failure. Today let’s look at some proven ways for your dealership to build fixed operations gross profit.

The first consideration in building gross profit must be customer…


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Lessons From The Strike

I believe we must continually be observant and challenge ourselves with this question “what can we learn from this?”. The strike at General Motors has made a bunch of news lately. However, today I thought it would be timely to discuss what we can learn from this current situation.

During a recent dealership visit, a…


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Today’s dealerships must be completely focused in on fixed operations performance. General Motors going on strike is just one concern of many related to new-car sales. Shrinking new-car margins are here to stay, and so is your dependence on fixed operations.

Everyone must be concerned about expenses…


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Changing Times

Recently I was in a Ford dealership on a coaching visit and reviewed labor operation frequencies. I always find this a wealth of information on how well advisors are doing with customers. In this review, differential services were only performed seven times over the last year. Pickup trucks and SUVs in Ford dealerships are the top sellers in the nation, so I estimated that 800…


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DealerTrack Press Release 8-23-2019

DealerTrack Press Release

It is with great pride we announce that DealerTrack has approved our Fixed Performance…


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Being Your Best

I’ve often used the medical profession as a comparison for dealership service. The reason is they generally do an exceptional job with everything from the appointment, customer intake, and follow-up.


Recently I went to my local Dr. to discuss a pain that I’ve been…


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Plan to Improve

Most people are so involved with activities of the day there is no time left for any sort of action plan to improve the results in the future. You might’ve set sales growth goals and even watch progress daily to see how you’re performing. To me, the best…


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Would you like to double your current reimbursement on parts from your manufacturer?

You should never be too busy for improvements that make your career more efficient and or more productive! Did you know 44 States have passed laws protecting your ability to charge Retail rates for warranty work? It takes the experienced dealer about 40 hours to complete this on their own, per department on average.



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Building Value for Car Sales

Dealerships invest substantial amounts of money to get people into the dealership and consider a new car purchase. Investments in advertisements and promotions are necessary however, the greatest asset for building value in the sales department is the service department.

The service department generates…


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Repair Order Tune Up

Dealerships have many reasons to work with staff and write the best repair orders possible. This helps the dealership in so many ways however to carry a special interest in today’s dealership environment. First, it is critical in maximizing submissions to receive retail pricing on warranty repairs. Second is that poorly written repair orders cost…


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Do you know about the law that just passed in Kansas?

Congratulations! Kansas Senate Bill No.39 takes effect July 1, 2019, this legislation requires manufacturers to reimburse Retail on Warranty Parts and Labor. We assist dealerships across the country to receive retail on warranty. Margin Plus client’s…


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Are you an Auto Dealer in Michigan, currently being underpaid for your warranty work?

GREAT NEWS! Michigan enacted legislation that requires manufacturer's to reimburse Retail on Warranty Parts and Labor. Margin Plus clients average $200K in increased revenue the first year!

Click the above video to find out more about our…


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