Excited to know more about Carlos’ journey? We’re so happy to have you watching our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. We’ve been telling you all about Carlos, a salesman at Les Stanford whose manager and coach just happens to be Mr. Ali Reda. You see, we want to take what Ali did in ten years and condense it into a five year model for success, and Carlos is helping us figure it all out.

We’re going to use the Five Pillars of High Achievement to look further into the career of Carlos, while implementing these principles into your business, too. These pillars are an integral part of our learning process at Auto Training Academy. To get to your next level, it is crucial that you know where you are. 

What are the Five Pillars of High Achievement?

  • Clarity
    Who are you at your best?
  • Intentionality
    Where are you going, and why?
  • Energy
    Am I operating at a high level? Feeling focused?
  • Consistency
    What characteristics and values will I need to practice so that I keep my business on track every day?
  • Relationships
    What qualities should I walk into every situation with to grow my relationship tree?

Watch this week’s video to hear more, and see where we are.

Last week, we asked you to do some work to get you a little more familiar with… well, YOU! We need you to know who you are at your best so you can discover your purpose, your clarity. Now we all know that our purpose is to help somebody. Bringing your mind into a clear headspace of positivity is the only way to do that well. 

You can’t be wondering IF you’re going to be able to help someone…you gotta know that you are definitely going to. ~Ali Reda

You’ve got to be clear and comfortable with who you are. It makes a huge difference to walk into your days with clarity. When you have clarity, the other four pillars just fall right into place. When you know who you are at your best, your intentionality, energy, consistency, and relationships all work right along with it to help you achieve the life of your dreams.

Want to keep learning? Jump into the Auto Success Blueprint. In this FREE training program you’ll learn how to go beyond the basics of dealer training and get to YOUR next level of success quickly. 

In the comments below, list three of your favorite personal qualities. What are those three characteristics that really help you do this job well? I am attentive, entertaining, and motivated. What are the values that make you amazing? 

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