Gooooooooood Morning! And thank you, again, for joining us in another video in the series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. Let’s get right to it! 

Last week, we talked about Carlos’ numbers in this first 120 days. Carlos started out optimistic and pumped up, selling seventeen units the first month and sixteen units the second. In his third month, he started running into obstacles, learning a little more about the challenges that his community is facing, and that month he sold thirteen cars. We mentioned that in the fourth month, Carlos’ units dropped down to ten, and he began to get a little discouraged. 

So, how do you overcome the numbers when they’re down? 

How do you keep your mind right so it doesn’t affect the next sale? 

Want to know how Ali Reda keeps himself above the numbers game? I invite you to watch this week’s video to see for yourself.

We have to remember that this is not a 30-day business. The ultimate goal is just to improve - not to get to a specific number. Ali doesn’t look at the numbers until the month is over. 

“I don’t want the numbers to dictate what I do next.” ~Ali Reda

Just help the next person, and the numbers will take care of themselves. You’re in this business for five years from now - when your business is scalable and profitable. You have to realize that it’s not about today. Ask your manager to leave your units sold off the board for a month, and see if that changes anything. Just try it for one month. 

It’s also important that you see that YOU are your support system. You have to be an advocate for yourself. You’ve got to own your business - it is only yours. You’ve got to get your shoes on the right feet. 

Try this with me, will you?

  • Take off your shoes. Really, do it.
  • Now put them on the wrong feet.
  • Will you answer some questions for me?
    • How does that look?
    • And how does it feel?
    • What if these were your favorite shoes?
    • If they were on the wrong feet, would they still feel terrible?

Of course they would! You know why? 

It’s because it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. It’s what’s on the inside!

You have to be who you are at your best, and go in with an “I’ve got this!” attitude to start every day. How do you start this self advocacy? Begin here, and really do the work. We want you to have every opportunity to propel your career forward fast. 

In the comments below, let’s keep talking about those numbers. Share with us your best month, and let’s get you to your next level.

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