This is for those special wonderful crazy people with an idea who are about to throw caution to the wind and become an entrepreneur. For those who are about to abandon comfort and security for a 200 miles per hour roller coaster ride that has never been tested.

This is for those people - men and women, young and old - who have quit listening to the doubters. This is for those seekers of something better, those who want to chart their own destiny: welcome to the greatest club on earth.

"You Must Be Nuts"

When I decided to launch my first company in my mid 20's, I heard this theme of negativity from so many people. More than likely some people had good intentions, but their negativity hit me in the face like a torrential rainstorm.

  • "You are too young."
  • "You don't have enough experience."
  • "You don't have the capital."
  • "You will go broke."
  • "You will fail."

With all this encouragement, I decided to chase my dreams down. The journey was excruciating at times. Countless nights trying to resolve how we would get the money to last another 30 days. What if the contract we need doesn't come through?

I borrowed from one credit card to pay off another, sold furniture to print more workbooks, went to cities to start another seminar program without the money to get back home. Through it all, I just kept my eyes on the prize.

Courage and Guts

These are an absolute must. You will experience the highs of highs and the lows of lows. Immense joy and terrible pain can be experienced in the same day. Yet this is one reason being an entrepreneur is so rewarding. Every day, your life depends on you and your refusal to quit or give up.

Chart Your Course

As you start your business, know the struggle is required for all the crazies like us who can't settle or sell out. The tests will come often, and the choices will be difficult. Many times you will be the last one to get paid, if at all. I promise if you want it badly enough and for the right reasons, you will figure it out. For years, people said, "That guy has to be nuts to launch another company, to role out multiple new product lines."

My response? I would rather be thought crazy and reach all my dreams than ever be thought cool and comfortable, as a person who settled for less because I never had the guts to go for it.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Along the way, you will need the advice and counsel of others. Do not let your pride and ego get in the way. When you aren't sure, ask. When you don't have the answers, find someone who does. When setbacks come (and they will), seek support from a person who has been through the fire and survived.

Keep Your Family Close

What you have decided to do is so amazing. I am happy for you. A word of advice: keep your family close. Let them know how the experience is going. Don't shut them out of your great or tough moments. They will be your cheerleaders if you bring them to the game.

Run Like the Wind

It's your time now. No more excuses, delays, or denials. You have burned the boats and now you must run like wind towards your goals and dreams. Don't forget to have fun and be energized. Don't forget to keep the faith. Don't forget it's all the crazies like you who are the backbone of our economy.

Go live an uncommon life and welcome to the Club of Entrepreneurs!

Make a difference today. 

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Comment by Joseph Cupp on July 26, 2016 at 1:34pm
Beautifully said. My sentiments, Exactly! But, it is So Much Fun too!
Comment by DealerELITE on July 26, 2016 at 12:31pm

Thank you for Sharing Paul

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