I woke up today thinking about the amount of energy required for sustainable success. If you think about it, we all have the ability to create energy in our own unique way. There are some common activities we can pursue that will bring us energy from a physical and mental perspective:

  1. Physical exercise produces physical energy and mental clarity.
  2. Reading, meditation, and visualization will produce mental energy.

Secret Recipe

I am speaking of something unique to you and you alone. I believe we all have our own energy formula, our own energy drink or juice so to speak. The ingredients are known only to us. It's like the well-guarded family recipe no one ever shares. 

However, a recipe is only good when you prepare the meal. The same is true about the secret recipe of your "juice" that energizes your soul.

Your Sockets

Another way to think about the source of your energy is electricity. What sockets are you plugging into in order to draw inspiration and gain energy? I have been inspired by many things over the course of my life, and I believe what inspires you also energizes you. For me, staying plugged into my sources of inspiration allow me to stay plugged into my source of energy. The choices you make about what you decide to plug into daily is 100% within your control. For me, there are numerous sockets and ingredients in my secret recipe. Here's my list:

  • Preparing and sharing meals with family
  • Painting a new canvas
  • Recording a new education series
  • Writing daily
  • Live musical performances
  • Theatrical performances
  • Working with youth
  • All things LSU football
  • Any time on the water
  • Every second with my parents
  • Every second with my kids and grandkids
  • Festivals in Louisiana
  • Interior design
  • Fishing anytime
  • Any sunrise
  • Travel
  • How about you?

Take the time to make your list just like the one above. Think through your list and make certain each ingredient inspires and energizes you in some way. Once you have your list completed, the big task is ahead of you. Get out your planner or diary for the last 90 days and calculate how much time you actually spent doing things on your list.

You will be surprised either pleasantly or not so much. The good news is there is an easy fix because you have the ability to control how many times and in how many ways you plug into your power sources for inspiration and energy. I hope you will make your list and take action today and every day. There is nothing better than mixing up your own special "juice" concoction and getting high on the amazing and powerful after-effects of leading an energized life of intention and purpose.

Make a difference today. 

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Comment by J. Michael Zak on September 21, 2016 at 3:29pm

Paul, great things to hear and remind me today, my birthday, especially "All Things LSU Football".  I am a big time planner now I need to plan more fun and enjoy in my space to block out the busyness of life.  Thanks Paul

Comment by DealerELITE on August 20, 2016 at 3:21pm

Thank you for sharing

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