Advantage Dealer Services Boosts Key Email Marketing Metrics by 20 Percent or More with Addition of Flick Fusion Videos

Urbandale, IA--April 3rd, 2017--Flick Fusion, the auto industry's leading video marketing services provider, today announced that Advantage Dealer Services (ADS) has significantly boosted key metrics in email marketing campaigns with the addition of Flick Fusion videos. Compared to email marketing campaigns sent without video, video emails increase open rates by 20 to 30 percent, click through rates by 20 percent, and time on site by 25 to 35 percent.


Based in Suwanee, GA, ADS is a digital marketing agency specializing in email conquest campaigns. ADS serves nearly 400 auto dealerships nationwide and sends out 10 million emails weekly. Three years ago they began utilizing video emails and today incorporate video into approximately 35 percent of their email campaigns.


"It's pretty clear that most consumers today would rather watch a video as a way to get information, versus looking at a static landing page," said Michael Jaber, owner of ADS. "Leveraging video is such a natural for auto dealers because videos give a dealership's inventory so much more appeal with action, sights and sounds."


ADS selected Flick Fusion as its video marketing platform of choice because Flick Fusion is an industry leader and their overall value proposition was the most attractive. "They're one of the best in the business with turnaround time and responsiveness as far as I'm concerned," said Jaber. He adds that the Flick Fusion platform makes setting up video landing pages quick and easy, which is helpful in the fast-paced business of email marketing.


One of the most watched metrics in email marketing is the open rate. Adding videos to email marketing campaigns has increased the open rate approximately 20 percent. ADS' average email campaign open rate without videos ranges from 10 to 12 percent; but with the addition of videos, that average increases to 12 to 15 percent. "Most dealers get an average 10 percent open rate from their own database, so the fact these are conquest campaigns delivering those open rates is quite exceptional," said Jaber.


Video emails deliver a similar boost in the click-through-rate (CTR), another closely measured metric. To increase CTRs, ADS overlays a big 'play' button on top of a picture from the video, which is the universally recognized symbol for 'this is a video.' When a customer clicks on the picture, it immediately takes them to a video landing page on the dealership's website where the video begins to play. ADS also includes incentives in emails that encourage prospects to click on the video, such as "Smart Trade, Guaranteed Offer on Their Trade-In," or "Watch this video to see the latest cash-back offers."


Another way to increase the CTR is to include multiple links in every email, all of which lead to the dealership's website. "We typically have dozens of links in every email," said Jaber. ADS' video emails often include stacked banners featuring photos of vehicles, and if a prospect clicks anywhere on the banner they will be taken to the video landing page.


One of the most important metrics to many dealers is time spent on site. Video emails that link to video landing pages have increased time on site by 25 to 35 percent. "This is a huge number when you're getting quality visitors, and dealers really like to see this kind of increase," said Jaber.


To increase time on site, Jaber ensures that the offer made in each email matches the offer on the video landing page. "Some email marketing companies will send out emails that make an offer, but when the customer clicks on it, they are taken to the dealership's home page or another section of the site and the offer is not there," said Jaber. If the email is promoting an offer on a particular Toyota, then the landing page needs to mirror that exact same offer.


Another best practice that ADS finds effective for increasing time on site is to ensure that navigation links are clearly visible on video landing pages. "You want to make it easy for the consumer to be able to navigate out of the video landing page to other parts of the dealership's website," said Jaber.


For ADS, video emails have significantly increased key metrics and email campaign results when compared to email marketing campaigns sent without videos. "Many dealers in hypercompetitive areas are trying to leverage technology to differentiate themselves, and videos are definitely an effective method for doing that," said Jaber.


For more information, stop by Booth #104 at the Digital Dealer Conference or call Flick Fusion at (800) 247-2502 or visit


About Flick Fusion


Flick Fusion offers intelligent video marketing solutions to auto dealers, making it easy to create vehicle inventory videos, video emails, dealership branded videos and more. Flick Fusion's innovative SmartFlicks hosting, marketing and distribution platform delivers automated, integrated, rule and behavior-based video content in real-time across multiple channels throughout the entire purchase cycle.


With CRM integration, auto dealers can capture video viewer data from any touchpoint, match that data to customer records in the CRM, and receive real-time alerts when certain viewing parameters are met.


Flick Fusion's mission is to give every consumer a better car shopping experience. Video is proven to capture buyers' attention, build emotional value, increase organic SEO rankings and convert more website visitors into leads. Flick Fusion is the preferred video marketing platform of more than 4,500 brands and partners.

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