Auto Lease Prices Drop On Several Mid-Size Cars And SUVs In March

Automotive Manufacturers Offer Aggressive Lease Deals on Many Vehicles Amidst Sales Slump in Response to COVID-19, the nation’s first online marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on new lease offerings for the month of March.  Several brands offered significant discounts on mid-size cars and SUVs, likely a result of falling sales due to COVID-19. OEM’s are offering aggressive deals on lease payments to attract shoppers and potential buyers.

The Nissan Sentra is currently priced the lowest of all vehicles, coming in at just $139 per month for the fifth consecutive month. 

While many vehicle lease offers have remained steady in March, dealers have offered more aggressive lease pricing on mid-size cars and SUVs especially.  In fact, the vehicle that saw the largest price drop moving in the month of March was the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 with a -17.85% decrease.  The vehicle is offered at $749 per month, followed by the Honda Accord at $249 (-8.72%), the Volkswagen Jetta for $239 per month (-7.62%), and the Volkswagen Passat at $289 per month (-6.39%). 

 “We’re seeing manufacturers offer aggressive pricing on most mid-size cars and SUVs as the COVID-19 outbreak has made a significant impact on consumers and their desire to shop for cars and trucks,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of“  With a significant pullback in new-vehicle sales, automakers are looking for ways to attract consumers back into the consideration set for a new vehicle. We fully expect these budget-friendly lease offers to stick around for the next few months.”

The vehicles with the largest increased monthly payment are the Mercedes-Benz C300 with a +5.43% increase, and the Ford Expedition with a +3.69% increase in price from February.  The C300 is currently offered at $459 per month, while the Expedition is offered for $545. is a sister marketplace to, the nation’s largest online marketplace for leases.


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