Auto Sales Training Success Story: Nathan Grizzofi

This story is from a series of success stories taken by actual students of the Auto Solutions Training course.   “I went ahead and went through the automotive sales training with Gregg Morris and Auto Solutions. It showed me that it was a very easy business to get into and it wasn't a tough sale. I had been in sales for a while now and it appeared to be just another product and that is exactly what it was. My trainer, Gregg Morris, taught me that as long as you know your product, meet or exceed your customer’s needs and provide a great customer service experience, I can sell a vehicle to anyone!


Another Auto Solutions Sales Training Success Story Knowing that there will be those that say the famous "NO" or "I'm just looking", now I believe this: even if they say no, if it’s the right deal, they will buy. Now I work at a KIA dealership here in Colorado and have been here since June of 2011 and it has been a great experience.

In my 1+ year here I have averaged around 20+ cars a month. There have been a few months that were 16 and 18 but last month was 27 and that was a huge accomplishment even though I decided that 30 was my goal. I always set goals for myself to accomplish each month and week to make sure that I continue to challenge myself on a daily basis. The biggest and best thing that I can pass on to others is ATTITUDE. Attitude is everything in anything that you do. No matter what happened last week, what happened to you yesterday, tomorrow is a new day and what can you do to make it better than the day before.

In my 1+ year here I have averaged around 20+ cars a month. I would have not been able to be where I am today without the help from Gregg Morris and Auto Solutions because without them, I would not have made the money I would have liked to make, I would not have sold as many cars as I have, I would not have met some of the people I have met and I would not be here today without their support, guidance, words or years of knowledge. THANK YOU for everything and here is to many more years of success to come!!!”

Nathan A. Grizzoffi  Customer Consultant  KIA Elite Certified Professional

We thank you, as well, Nathan for the kind words and we're so happy we were able to help! Best of luck in the future!


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